Mailing List Generation Booster for Blogging

by Pat_Marcello

If you’re a follower of Tellman Knudson, you KNOW that mailing list generation is all of it. Without a list, you’re probably not going to make much money. With a list, you can make extra money to a full-time income to millions of dollars online. It’s all about the size of your list.

And for me, blogging is how I pursue the fine art of  list generation. I don’t have an authority website. I have a couple of products and a membership site, but my MAIN site is my blog, and my passion for blogging started long before I became a member of Overcome Everything. I had my own blog, and was writing one for a friend. But I wasn’t consistent. If I made a post once a week, I was doing well.

Guess what?

Not much traffic and no sales. When starting a blog, you really need to write in it every single day. That seems daunting, but lemmee tell ya, it matters. You don’t have to write something every day. As a professional writer, it’s really easy for me to crank stuff out, and even after almost 5 years of blogging, I still try to post 5 times a week.

Sometimes, I use video or audio. And once a week, Twitter Tools, a WordPress plugin, posts my tweets for the week and 99% of them are about SEO, so that works great. I’ve learned a LOT from working with OE over the past four years, but though I’d be in IM for two years prior, I knew far too little. I was hanging with the wrong crowd. 🙂

Of course, it never occurred to me to put an optin box on my blog. Duh! Duh! and Triple duh!

It took Tellman to show moi the way.

One of my first jobs with OE was to write the ListBuilding Blog, and the very first thing he told the guy who installed it was “get an optin box on that, first thing, at the top somewhere.” Well… didn’t that light up my brain at the time. Wow! Write a blog and work on list generation at the same time. Brilliant!

Well, we know that, right? Tellman’s a smart guy.

So, guess what I did? I put an optin box on my blog and sure enough, I had list generation happening almost immediately. That was cool. But…

It wasn’t fast enough.

Then, Kyle Battis, our marketing manager told me about this product that slid the optin up at the bottom of the page as people were reading, and said that someone told him it increased their list generation efforts by 50%. That was pretty significant, so we got it and put it on ListBuilding Blog.  I’m not too sure how it’s doing there, but from what Victor Grosser (one of our tech ninjas, who also writes cool stuff here) tells me, it was a little hard to install. Hmm…

I’ve grown to know a whole lot about WordPress over the past 4 years and am a tech-head anyway, but what I don’t have is time. I have my own biz, in addition to working for OE and a family of  2 other people who need my time, too. And of course, I’m totally willing to give that because my husband, Pat (yes, it’s true… we’re both Pat), and my daughter, Shannon, are my heart.  But I wasn’t looking for another time suck.

So, I found another solution, and it works great!

If you have a NinjaResponder or AWeber account, you can add a lightbox pop-up that comes up after your blog loads. People have told me it’s annoying, but… it’s better for list generation than anything I’ve ever done before.  And it’s easy to install!

When you’re creating your optin form, there’s a dropdown box in the top toolbar when you’re creating the form design that asks if you want inline or lightbox. Select lightbox.  Then, when you finish creating the form, you get a line of javascript code.

Take that code over to your blog, go to “Appearance,” then “Editor.  You’ll see tons of code on that screen, but don’t freak out. You don’t have to mess with any of it.  On the right side, select “Main Index Template.”

Scroll all the way to the bottom and plug in your lightbox code there. It’s that easy! Now, your mailing list generation efforts will be amplified.

And you can brag to your friends about how smart you are, too. 🙂

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