Wine and Lead Generation

by Victor_Grosser

Here is an interesting story about wine and lead generation my wife told me the other day.

She works at a large wine retailer that has physical stores across the country. They focus on giving the best possible prices on the largest selection of wine. In short they specialize.

They also fully realize that when a customer walks in the store, selects some wine and checks out that they are a hot lead. They just spent money at the store, in itself the most genuine indicator of interest there is. I could tell you some stories my wife has related to me about people buying entire shopping carts full of booze with the total coming to over $1000.00. Do you think someone like that is a loyal customer who will buy from the wine store again? You BET!

What really caught my attention is how the store makes sure they are able to follow up again with that paying customer and the incentive that they offer.

It’s very simple, at the checkout my wife qualifies the customer as a wine purchaser. This is because the “hook” or offer is related to a discount on wine only (beer and liquor do not apply). She then asks if they would be interesting in signing up for the stores promotional email list. She explains that the benefit of being on such a list is the customer will be emailed a 15% off coupon every month. If the customer is interested they simply fill out a short contact form with their name and email.

It is stunning how many people take this offer. In one especially busy day my wife was able to collect almost 60 of these forms. It is the offer that sells these customers on providing their personal information. Think about the people who spend hundreds on wine every month. Think they’d like to save 15% ? You betcha. The store is essentially putting cold hard cash back in the customers pocket. And it doesn’t cost the customer a thing! I know I would sign up for something like this and I’m willing to bet you would too. How can you not?

Keep your killer offer in mind when you are doing your own lead generation. People love to get discounts and things for free. Complimentary consultations are a popular lead generation method. You can get the lead on the phone, bond with them and even offer additional products and services for their purchase. Lawyers are doing this when they offer “free consultations” on your case. They want to get you in the office so they can sell you on their services.

Auto dealers also do this all the time. “Come in and take a test drive and we’ll give you a $100.00 gift card” is a common message. There is no obligation, why not right? You get to test drive someone else’s car (you know you want to hear that engine rev) and get $100.00 out of the deal. Of course they will need your name and address so they can mail you your gift card, and guess what? Now they have your address for future contact about special offers they are running.

You don’t have anything to lose, in fact you are $100.00 richer for your time and they auto dealer now has someone on their list who has physically been to their lot and driven one of their cars. You have a much higher probability of returning later to do business with them if they do a good job of following up with you.

When you are doing lead generation put yourself in the other person’s shoes. What would convince YOU to sign up for xyz? If your offer would convince YOU to sign up then you’ve probably hit the nail on the head.

Lead Generation is a vast science and is constantly changing. Just remember to keep your offers irresistible and congruent with the times and you’ll succeed in continuing to grow your database!

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