Permission Based Email Marketing and a Groundbreaking Experiment

by Pat_Marcello

permission based email marketingAt Overcome Everything, we’re primarily in the business of permission based email marketing instruction. That’s a fancy way of saying that we teach people to build their lists.

But recently we came out with a product about some ideas that are really new to Internet marketing, and they involve “the crowd.” If you’ve seen the advertising for 90-Minute Cash Advance, you know what I mean. That is our 4-month course on crowdfunding, which is a really cool way to get the money you need for whatever it is that you want to do. It’s pretty amazing!

Now, we’re exploring the world of crowd sourcing. That’s when a group of people bond together to make something happen. When we sold Fund the Run a while back, one of the components for folks who bought the product was the ability to participate in a crowd-sourced product. And guess who’s in charge? Moi.

I’m so excited, I can’t tell you.  I took over the project a couple of weeks ago, and things are humming!

We have a guy named Dan Stanley, who’s doing some great copywriting for us.

We have a woman named Daniela Testolini, who’s making killer videos.

We also have Glenna Garcia, who’s writing articles for us, and doing a kick-butt job.

Plus, we have other folks volunteering, proofreading, jumping in to help where they can, and so on.

It’s just amazing, and it’s really a ton of fun. I can’t wait to see how the project progresses. We have only a small bit of it done, but it will be something that new folks will find very, very helpful when it’s all said and done. I’m excited, and have been going back and forth with Tellman, asking his advice and letting him know of the progress. He’s pretty happy about it, too.

It will have some of that permission based email marketing instruction that I told you about, but it will also have new folks with a website and whatever they want to do in a very short time. And what we’re going to teach will be free or close to free. How sweet is that?

So, keep your eyes peeled. We’re doing some totally cutting-edge things that are really fun. For the past three years, I was running the ListBuilding Club, and that was a lot of fun for me, too. I’m still doing that, but I’ve taken on the whole product development thang, and I really love getting up every morning and starting my job.

Think of it as a day at the beach.  The whole OE crew is amazing and really fun to work with. They’re not just my friends now, they’re my family and I enjoy being part of that, too.

Who knew? Four years ago, I had no list, no money coming in, and then, I learned more about permission based email marketing — how it works, what the laws are, how to build a list, and my life is far different than it was before I took that leap of faith. I joined Tellman’s coaching program for $500 a month, which I did NOT have. But the universe spoke to me, and I whipped out  that paid-off credit card, and here I am.

Don’t be afraid to try new things… ever. When you see an opportunity, seize it. Don’t over-think. Don’t hesitate. Just do it, and you’ll see that projects like the one I’m talking about above, will change your life in ways you can’t even imagine.

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Dennis Shanley

Hi Lis, Glenna & Pat,

Lis & Glenna we’ve all been here over a year. I am feeling that we’ve all met at a convention or something. Lis ready to knock the block off of anything that gets in her way and Glenna with her super cool woofer buddy that, I’m certain, gives nothing but love – until you are threatened and then is nothing but teeth. (I share space with 4 of the same).

What’s really fabulous Pat is that I actually look forward to opening my e-mail every morning. I’m like a kid in a candy store, having so much fun. Its often said that you don’t really know a subject till you’ve taught it and I know that to be true from teaching computer languages. Crowd sourcing is just like that. You are in on the ground floor and so you MUST understand every bit of what’s going on. The experience is such a trip and being one of the (ahem) select few who are participating it feels wonderfully empowering.



Hey Dennis!

I’m thrilled to have you on board with us. I only wish more folks would get involved.

But I’m not the expert on crowd anything. That would be Tellman, and when he’s excited about something, it’s really hard not to be totally excited, too. But to be honest, I think it’s one of the most fun things I’ve done in a long time.

We’re kind of all learning together, eh? 🙂




Glad to be part of this exciting new Internet marketing product, Pat! As an entrepreneur, you have to know an opportunity when you see one – and they just don’t come any better than this.



Hey Glenna, glad you are enjoying it! Pat is an amazing person to work with 🙂 Do you have your own blog up and running?


Lis Carpenter

I didn’t know Tellman had a coaching program. I’d say you’re fortunate to have had the ability to work directly with him. Thanks for taking charge. I’m definitely having a blast.


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