What Hypnotists Want?…

by Tellman Knudson

We’re working with over 100 Hypnotists around the world to put together a brand new Hypnosis print publication – and I want to know what kind of stuff you guys want in it!

Watch this video and let me know your opinion in the comments below (it’ll be worth it, watch the video to find out why)!…


If You're Unstoppable:


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I would like to see articles pertaining to the most effective ways to make hypnosis to the general public, secondly I would like to see information about the most effective methods and success stories and lastly information about different age groups and their effectiveness and outcomes from hypnosis.



Nice hearing from you its been awhile since i am on your list, like your new Hypnosis plan,but i would like you to make it in the form of prospecting for new clients are customers to one list as a form of lecture course okay.One more thing Cds delivery through post is getting out dated. Why not try using the new app functions as a method to deliver you r course to computers and cellphone? go for the new company App-zine .com. Talk again soon.


Dr Rivera

The DO’s and DON’Ts of hypnosis- I often needs to explain to my clients what Hypnosis really is and the different ways it can be used to improve their lives. Too many taboos and misconceptions of what hypnosis really is. I would like to be part of the project if you are looking for collaborators. I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner as well as a mental health counselor or psychotherapist. Great idea!



I will appreciate you so much….yOU are sent to me….Thanks….a million.



Hi, again,

I would also like to see more hypnosis regarding aspects of developing more intuition and
psychic abilities.




Hi, Tellman,
I would like to see more hypnosis addressing various aspects of learning disabilities,
autism, ADD, ADHD, brain processing, eyesight regarding learning and reading, problems with teachers, bullies, other kids, and identity (self) problems and bi-polar learning problems.



I would like some more suvlimanal content to reprogram your mind while asleep. Love Steve G Jones, I listen to him every night. Thabks for introducing him to us. On another note, I know you dont teach internet marketing anymore, however I am looking for some copy writing training. Does Josh still has his course??


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