Marketing vs. Hypnosis

by Tellman Knudson

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Preston Gilmore

I would like more information on both if it will increase traffic to my site and give a big boost to business.


Sally Sanders

“Marketing vs. Hypnosis”

I prefer to start with Hypnosis, as I have, and add Marketing Jewels, ‘proven methods’, along the way…

Thanks again Tellman for being so willing to ‘put yourself out’ to give us what we need to acquire Financial Freedom and all that goes with it !!!

Awaiting your next Jewel,

Sally 🙂


Nita Busby

hypnosis sounds interesting. how I would use it, I do not know. I have retired!!!!!



Hi TK,
I have been following for awhile and have been keeping all the info you have been sending for future ref. even about the baboon ass hotsauce (awesome s#!t) thx. We don’t know each other personally, but i have been very interested in all that you do, so keep the great info coming, i keep learning and wish to keep learning new techniques in life and hypnosis is probably a good thing as i had just finished the healing code book by Alexander Loyd a lot of new info there too.



I want both they seem to complement on another.


David Turner

I want your marketing products!!



Hey Tellman,
I like that cool Super Hero photo…and no I didn’t know about starting out with Hypnosis, thought it was something you just got into.I have been following you for some time, starting with..when I was with Global Cash Flow..So, Marketing is my intrest..Getting the word out there that it can be done without spending all that money…


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