The Shoes of the Fisherman

by Tellman Knudson

“It takes so much to be a full human
being that there are very few who have
the enlightenment or the courage to
pay the price…

One has to abandon altogether the
search for security, and reach out
to the risk of living with both arms.

One has to embrace the world like a lover.

One has to accept pain as a condition
of existence.

One has to court doubt and darkness
as the cost of knowing.

One needs a will stubborn in conflict,
but apt always to total acceptance of e
very consequence of living and dying.”

-Morris L. West

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This passage changed my life.

I first saw it projected on a transparency
up on a projector screen in math class
in 10th grade (1993)

Mr. Hyra put it up and for the first time
(ever) in math class I paid close attention.

After reading it I asked him if he could print
me off a copy, which he did – and I folded up
and placed in my wallet for the next 10 years.

What do you think this passage means?

(answer in the comments below)



P.S. Sometimes things are tough.
Sometimes we feel too old.
Other times we’re just too worn
out to do what’s really important.

Life has a way of draining you dry sometimes.

But only if you let it.

Enjoy the boost.

If You're Unstoppable:


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james magurn

Great quotes from a very interesting book about the first Russian pope of the 20th century made into a big screen 1968 film starring Anthony Quinn.He was imprisoned in Mongolia by the local authorities & managed to keep his faith under pain of death & torture until he was summoned by the Vatican after an agreement was made betw the communist & the church to set him free where he began his assent to the Papacy of which he totally believed he did not deserve.So much humility is needed sometime for people to become real live people instead of boasting about oneself.These people are rare & that is why they understand the world better than us.



If you can aim to fill the shoes of The Fisherman, you fulfill your pupose in life.



Fact is , I not only answer an invite , but flat out feel the urge to share , and this just because I am a darn Gemini…And I feel a little sorry for not being able to “accept “it all by myself , through sheer conciliation with life , death and the Universe as a whole.I’m a coward by birth and need to basically share my inner and outer stuff….Too bad!!!!!!!This kind of blows the mystery out of my feminine self and … is not at all convenient for my breed, as a human female……..And the thrill of the feeling of acceptance seems to dwindle , as well . Doina.



“Never give up.” read your bible, that`s the most positive book known to man, do what it says.
Oh! and listen to Tellman, he is such a great guy, he is on your side. Greetings.



My best friends Mother, who was one of the best persons I have ever know, told me once.

“You are going to be fine. I have watched you grow up into a young man, now a middle aged man. You have faced life, always with a positive attitude. When ever life has knocked you down, you have always got back up, without drugs, without asking for sympathy, and jumped right back in the game of life. Yo were married, your wife didn’t believe in the Lord, and left. Many years later, when you were twenty six, you married a beautiful young woman. She loved you very, very much. She gave you four children. The she died of cancer. Teo of those children were in diapers. Yet you kept them under one roof, you raised them for a number of years before you married another woman who also loved you very much. Even though you fell backward when the Lord allowed your wife to be taken away, you still came back to him. You have always came back, picked yourself up, brushed off the dust, and got n with life. I don’t know if I ever met a man before that could raise four small kids alone like you did.” That is what she told me. At seventy, I am still working full time as a electrician. I now have seven grand children. My health is good, no joint rplacements, no oen hert surgery, everything appears to be fine when I get a hysical every year. All I can say, “Thank you Lord”.



Where would we be if JESUS would have been STOPPABLE? I do not have a spirit of quitting or giving up, the road is rough and the going do get mighty tough but I must continue on, I can not give up the fight. It was hard for JESUS so who am I to think it should be easy for me? I just remember the things HE went through for me and with knowning I will see HIM one day soon gives me the strength to go on for I only have to beleive and know that HE will give me what I need to be UNSTOPPABLE. Be Blessed


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