to win a race

by Tellman Knudson

It’s been years since I won
a race.

I’ve forgotten what it feels like.

I’m talking about a foot race.

A serious 5k (3.1 miles) or a half-marathon,
even a full Marathon…

In High School I was blessed.

Even though I was born with twisted

Into the most non-athletic family you
can imagine…

I SOMEHOW managed to become one of the
fastest Cross-Country runners in the
good ol’ state of New Hampshire…

And It took me 2 years of insane training,
but by the end of my Sophmore Year of High
School I was winning races left and right…




I woke up from a dream at 5:52 am
this morning…

…And in that dream I had just
won a 5k race…

And I re-lived what it felt like.

More energy in my body than I have
felt in years.

The rush of adrenaline as I crossed
the finish line…

And blew Runner #2 out of the water!…

I’ve never run for the medals…

Or for the trophies…

I run because I love to run

and I LOVE to run fast…

But DAMMIT – It’s been a long time
since I ran that fast.

Isn’t it time that you and I put our heads
together and put a little more juice
into what we’re doing?

Isn’t it time to run-faster?…

How are YOU going to run faster?

(let me know in the comments below)


I’m going to Hypnotize more people.

In fact, we recently decided on our
BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)
for our new company –

The New Hypnotists

We’re going to Hypnotize 1 Billion
(not a type-o) people in the next
10 years.

I’d be honored to count you as
one of us.

You are not alone.


You have Nothing To Fear anymore
I know you can do it.


If You're Unstoppable:


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