Weird Trick For Curing Incurable Disease (Part 1)

by Josh Burns

Provocative headline right?

Don’t run me out of town on a rail just yet – because I’m going to tell you how an incurable disease was almost effortlessly cured without drugs, without a change in diet or exercise – and without any surgeries, accupuncture, chiropractic or any physical contact with the patient required.

Why should you care?

Because we’re building to a really, really cool revelation about YOUR brain – that WILL change the way you lose weight, make money, and overcome every obstacle in your path.

Among other really cool things 🙂

First – I want to point out that it’s quite possible that you’ve fallen victim to one of the big bad lies about how your brain works:

Have you ever been told this doosey?

“You’re born with all the brain cells you’ll ever have – if you lose any they don’t grow back”

“Brain damage is permanent”

“IQ is absolute – you can’t get any smarter”

There are some lesser lies I’ll debunk for you – like:

Why most people never needed pain killers in the first place, and how you can alleviate pain without any drugs at all

Why the secret to losing weight and building muscle isn’t part of any diet or workout plan-

But then – in the last post I will absolutely twist your brain around my finger with a MIND BOGGLING case study where the impossible became real for one very doomed young man.

At the core of this weird cure for MANY diseases, disorders, and detrimental behaviors is a phrase you’ve heard about 954 times in your life:

“Mind Over Matter”

Your brain is amazing.

Even if you EVER find yourself frustrated with your mind for whatever reason – (your memory, your moods, your mindset)…

What you’ve got in that beautifully shaped skull of yours is a super-computer to beat all supercomputers. And, contrary to popular opinion – your brain can improve over time.

Neuroplasticity is an AWESOME new discovery that shows that at nearly any point in life, you can rewire, re-frame, and rewrite your brain through sheer force of will. You can do this. Stroke patients can do this (check out the video after the jump)

You’re a marvel of nature and you don’t fully even GRASP what you can do with your brain at this very moment.

But that’s okay!

I don’t either – we’re both prime examples of untapped human potential.

However- by the end of this three part neuro-nerd series, I’m going to show you  three  simple ways you can trick your brain into healing your body without drugs, scalpels or test tubes.

Part 1 of this series starts with Neuroplasticity – or the ability of your brain to make new connections, develop new abilities, and reclaim lost pathways. In the next post, I’ll tell you about a real “Magic Pill” used by doctors and scientists every day, around the world, that treats and/or CURES over 20 known conditions (and you’ve got the ingredients to make it in your kitchen cabinet).

Before then, watch the video below- I want you to have a strong grasp of what YOUR brain can really do.

Without further ado I present Jill Bolte Taylor – A woman who rebuilt her own brain after losing much of it to a stroke:


If You're Unstoppable:


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Without further ado I present Jill Bolte Taylor – A woman who rebuilt her own brain after losing much of it to a stroke: That woman is fantastic angelic being, has inner strong energy god lights loves, with which recharge also my soul as I words misunderstood, but God me ensoul understanding plus understand her smart money roads life thank as though gave me strong empathy . With all one’s heart thank Tellman you behind video from angelic women, which won its Race for Life, as I before 15 years.Please Tellman thank woman on behalf of Jill Bolte Taylor, from me Drahoslava


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