The End of Poverty

by Josh Burns

Josh Burns is back dear readers. I’m poking my head out from under the stack of projects I’ve been dutifully chewing through to share a video.

(It’s also embedded below).

Don’t get too frisky young skywalker, there will be no cute kittens in this one – nor will anyone get kicked in the crotch

But that’s okay – I swear.

I was introduced to this a couple weeks ago at Yanik Silver’s Underground 8 in DC –

It would have been hard to avoid actually – since in between speakers and after each day of presentations the seminar turned into a rag-tag think tank centered around helping this perplexingly awesome individual…

On Saturday night, before the infamous party where a certain mustachioed copywriter stumbled onto the dance floor with a really creepy unicorn mask- (pics to come at a later date)…

…I counted at least a dozen and a half multi-millionaires pulling the tables and chairs of the lobby bar together into a makeshift battle station. The goal? To brainstorm ways to help this man spread his message for free.

I stopped by to lend my brain and writing skills- but it was clear to me that the first thing I needed to do was figure out why all of these abundantly wealthy thought leaders and industry transformers were so incredibly excited…

I’ve known many of these people for upwards of two years. I’ve attended their mastermind groups… I’ve been to dinner with them… Talked about their businesses with them and even written ads for a few of them… And I’d never seen ANY of them so electrified – even about their own businesses.

I wondered what the fuss was all about.

So – hearing that a TED video just came out about this “Dr. Peter Diamandis” I hopped an elevator up to my room on the fifth floor and plugged myself in for the 16 minutes it took to absorb it all. By minute three I had that deep shivering excitement in my chest bones…

By the end of the video, I was twirling my moustache in maniacal “Evil Scheme” excitement… Imagining all the ways I can help make the world a really kickass place for my three year old daughter’s future kids.

You and me, dear reader – we’ve got our work cut out for us if we’re going to UN-fudge this planet. But – take 16 minutes right now and find out why it’ll be easier and easier to create a paradise here on Earth in the next three decades:

If You're Unstoppable:


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