Fear of Success

by Tellman Knudson

Do you know anyone with a lot more “Potential” than they are realizing in their life?

I remember in school growing up I always heard “You’ve got so much potential”…

TRANSLATION: “You’re smart, but can’t seem to get anything accomplished”…

The funny part is, looking back on it, most of the people that said that were teachers in public school that I didn’t have a whole lot of respect for…

I don’t know about you, but I know quite a few people in my town here who fit that same description.

They are smart.

They have energy.

They aren’t bad people…

But for some reason they aren’t living up to what I see as their “True Potential”…

Why is that?

As it turns out, there are several reasons.

I asked 250,000 people on my email list (you’re probably filled out the survey) about the biggest thing that was holding them back from being more successful.

Here’s what I learned about some of the things that folks struggle with who KNOW they could accomplish more…

1) Fear of Failure

2) Procrastination

3) Can’t Focus

4) Fear of Success

5) Can’t Finish Projects

6) Poor Self Confidence

Those were the “Big 6” reasons people gave me…

So why do so many people suffer from those issues?

Some folks say it’s just “who I am”…

Other people blame it on their parents and “poor upbringing”…

Yet, others blame it on their job, their boss, their financial situation… or even their spouse.

Take another look at that list.

Notice *WHERE* all those problems take place.

Where does Fear of Failure happen?

Where does Procrastination happen?

Where does Focus (or lack thereof) occur?

Where Does Fear of Success happen?

Projects? Poor Self Confidence?

They all happen INSIDE your own HEAD.

The things that hold all of us (no one is immune) back from being as successful as we want to be…


Isn’t outside of ourselves.

It’s inside of us.

Without a doubt… Our outside influences do shift and change the way we deal with the world.

The people we spend time with has a HUGE IMPACT on how we think and behave.

Our habits and thoughts from childhood make up a MASSIVE amount of our unconscious decisions…

Our Parents, Our Partners/Spouses, or co-workers…

Even the TV shows we watch, the emails we read…

The books we read…

All that stuff changes the way we handle the world around us…

But there’s only one way to take control of your own mind.

There’s only one way to change your own habits.

There’s only one way that I’ve found to specifically change the way you react to ANY situation for the better.

And that one way was something I discovered by chance in college when I was studying the brain.

I got BAD grades in high-school because I couldn’t make myself finish projects (and rarely got ANYTHING done on time)…

I didn’t have many friends…

I was miserable most of the time, and was “angry at the world”…

But at one point in college everything changed.

It changed when I learned how to influence my own mind directly – and get it to start thinking, feeling and behaving the way I wanted it to…

Instead of the way it had been “programmed” to by other people…

By other situations….

By circumstances outside of my control…

I learned how to finally “take the reigns” of my own brain…

And started getting straight A’s…

And started my first business…

And ran on a National Level Cross Country Running team all at once…

That is how I discovered Hypnosis.

Hypnosis changed my life.

I used it to re-program my brain so that I could feel good about starting lots of projects…

And partner up with people who were good at finishing projects…

It helped me to stay motivated, even when things go wrong…

It helped me to stop caring about people who I didn’t respect who said “you have so much potential”…

And start seeing what my own True Potential is…

So I could start going after what was truly important to ME – not to them.

I started measuring my own progress…

And stopped caring about how I “measured up” against other people.

(That’s called Self-Confidence, BTW).

So, when people ask me what Hypnosis is used for – I say,

“Hypnosis is used to make YOU Better at what you’re meant to be!”

So, what are you going to use Hypnosis for first?

Let’s do a session together today.


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wow amazing survey i owe u tellman thnks it s just awsome



I found your hipnosis sesions very interesting and I am waiting to see the results, it is confusing to know what sesions form your website are for the financial improvement or money management and which are what you call the hipnosis sequence. I have practiced meditation to control anxiety and I wonder if hipnosis is just another form of meditation,.



I just want the problem of being with out money enough to take care of myself and my household to go away.I don’t know if it is fear of success,I was never financially successful to know. I’m learning more to the problem being my belief system.Also having no childhood or formal education to speak of. I was out of my parents house at 15 yrs and my first live in care giving job at 16,I was there for 10 years with an excellent ref. My present job now has been 25 years now still in exchange for.,I also think I needed a company to do my billing for me,being an independent contractor.I did in exchange for living.It had it’s good points and bad.I survived .But again no cash from my clients for years and years.I think I would call myself stucjk.The families I care and cared for was and are happy,that was what mattered to me. I lack in business skills and in social skills,I leaned towards being around small animals more than people.I really don’t know how to socialize very well.My skills are in care giving(non personal) for people and animal tech for small animals.Closer emotional attachments with animals.Years in both fields. Now I am in study of internet marketing.This is where I want my income to generate from now.You are the pro.Tellman you know what I want,when I begin with you,In hypnotherapy that would be my focus.Please make it happen? I’ll do my part and lay back and relax Ha Ha Ha.If it could only be that easy. hummmmm.


katrina klein

Tellman, You are a gift to the world. Simple language, anyone (at least I speak for myself) can feel your genuine, honest, to the point. No flies on your back..Thank You. Now I will wait for access to regain & continue my work from inside out, where everything begins & flourishes.
Survey results are no surprise. Good to read. Pregnancy video was excellent. Any & all dribs or drabs you toss out I can grab. Just getting the access for continuity, will persist.
Feel from the first intro so much truth, easy to relax & absorb. Signed up for premiere 3 weeks ago. Best investment in myself I ever have had the opportunity to do. Accelerating is key, were not all 21yrs young. Never to late! To rewire, achieve financial independence.

Do you realize what a positive impact on the world you are making. Of course you do. Nonetheless, it is always nice to hear that I see your big picture helping make this planet & all of humanity a healthier, happier, independent financially…to share more with more people. Thank You!!!!

Katrina Klein


Lesley Vickery

Hi Tellman.
I have enjoyed listening to your you tubes and reading about you self hypnosis. This is a subject that has alway intrigued me. However, in my situation I am not able to take you up on any of your very generous offers. Perhaps at another time I will be in a position to join one of your tuition groups. In the meantime I will continue to listen to and read everything that you send and do my best to learn what I can from you that way.

Thank you,


Peter Clark

Totally feel for you and what you are going through – locked in self hatred, fear, failure.
Has to be a way of breaking out of this tyranny and torture of the mind – the more you try to fight it, the worse it gets… what you focus on – or resist, persists.
Read a lot on this in “Conversations with God” (Neale Donald Walsh) – so much great wisdom out there expressed so well by real masters.. great to read, yet all still somehow blocked by the judgement chattering mind..
Like you I really hope self hypnosis (or hypnosis by a top practitioner) might be the last hope in making an impression on this and allow the true self to emerge at last
I wish you all the best – you have definitely made progress already if you’ve kicked drug dependency.


John Conway

Tellman, you are right on with your “Big 6″ reasons why people, myself included, do not achieve their full potential. These are the self limiting behaviors and “excuses” people use for not achieving their full potential. For each of us to begin to achieve our potential we must change what is inside each of us, as you have pointed out. It is through your “Prosperity Process” and “Self Hypnosis Sequence” that I am beginning to achieve success in overcoming myself limiting behaviors. Self hypnosis is the best method that I have found to re-wire you brain to truly overcome everything. Tellman, your style and hypnosis techniques are great and make it easy for me to relate to you. Thus I am finding increasing success, self satisfaction, and self confidence.


Sherman Burris

Hey Tellman, have you seen this videos about getting back up after falling?



encore je vous attends dan,s le monde des affaires



je vous demande de me rejoindre pour les bonnes affaires


Rajib Mishra

Tellman I am a fan of yours , because you are a genius ,you are realistic , you had mastered
Internet Marketing in many ways, but unfortunately I am yet to use any of your precious advices as well as gifts you had given me,hope I could use them and succeed in my life and overcome my worries as well as poverty.
Again, as regards Hypnosis I know it is a great art to have control over own brain as well as others.So I am much interested to know it and practice it on my own-self.
Thank You !





Everything that you become or you will become
has already been destined by God.All you need
to do is keep doing what you want to do in your
life and keep praying to God for guidance,isnt’
that right mr Tellman?



Everything that you become or you will become
has already been destined by God.All you need
to do is keep doing what you want to do in your
life and keep praying to God for guidance.



Yes we all get caught up in the negative beliefs that it’s the outside influence and the lack of and what our parents taught us. Why is it that the most simple things to fix problems are always the hardest things to get people to learn or to use in everyday life. Time after time if you take all the layers away and all the go back to basics it all always works. That’s what is wrong with the world today. All the advancements with technology and food etc has happened at a rate of knots and I think it needs to be slowed down considerately because it has created problems that we were not ready for.



I’m so excited about this topic/exercise on hypnosis. I am a young man with a lot of potentials and aspirations and I know I have a lot in me than I can ever imagine. I only need to unluck the real me inside of me with this self hypnosis. I have a book(drama) I wrote around 2004 but it is still there inside my cupboard. I never knew why it had been there- unpublished until I read your article and the response from folks. I now realise that I have been a victim of ‘the fear of failure’ and today I have learnt that this fear of failure is actually the fear of success- thanks to Elaine. I’m more poised to explore ways of mastering Self hypnosis because I need it like air!! Many thanks to Tellman. You are God sent.



I always found the idea of hypnosis intriguing. I was introduced to it
during my ski/ snow boarding days. It is a great way to improve not only
sports but our out look.

Looking forward to learning more. To clear the path to financial success.


Eva Harry

Hi Tellman!
Thanks for the site.
I very much appreciated the hypnosis video I watched with you. I got a little sleepy though.
But that’s ok. I did get extra energy from the session the days after.
This month our dog had to go to the veterinary so I can’t continue the hypnosis course this month although the price was good. Hopefully next month.
Thank you again for the free session!



Hi Tellman!
I filled out your survey and your blog reveals all my problems…owch!
Yes I suffer from all of the big top 6 problems at some stage.
However life is strange as it’s not as though I have been a failure…. More like not as successful as I could be. There are so many more things I could and should have done in my life so far if I had the confidence, belief in myself and ability follow through.
As the phrase goes cudda, wudda…shudda!
I’m now aware of my weaknesses and have recently started a Hypnosis/NLP course to help learn more about myself and others…. Let’s hope I complete it eh! 😉
I would appreciate any advice.
Look forward to your posts and emails.
Thanks, Max (uk)

P.S. Please can you stop sending repeat emails. I’ve had the pregnancy one 3 times already. I’ve emailed you about this earlier today. Cheers!



Love reading your info but own an iPhone and it is my Internet is there anyway you can make your info viewable on mobile devices.



Self hypnosis has worked wonders for me, its taken away stress, I no longer suffer depression, I’ve quit smoking and no longer use medication and drugs. I have new self confidence and have let go of fear and all other self harmful negative emotions, but still don’t seem to be able to help myself and my dependant family financially. Thank you for your regular emails, you are helping many people


Bill Moore

Yes the fears of success, failure and procrastination are all in the head.
Methinks you overlook something.
Some people with the listed problems unknowingly acquired them as “fleas” (learned bad behavior) from a parent whom person didn’t realize was dysfunctional on account of the parent’s personality disorder and/or the parent’s alcoholism.
There is a huge crossover of later-as-an-adult performance problems as to “Adult Children of alcoholic parents” and “Adult Children of borderline/narcissistic personality disordered parents.” Some of the latter are also affected by parental alcohol abuse and hence belong to both groups.

Such folks can use Hypnosis to get to their root or core problem, that they were taught to doubt themselves and doubt what was objectively real. They were instead taught to believe a version of reality that was dysfunctional and based on the parents’ denial about alcohol. (Viz, “nothing is wrong within this family” despite parental problems with alcohol and mental distress.)

I hope you have a Hypnosis script that addresses the foregoing, not just glossing over Fears of Success and of Failure. Too many self-development programs do that. There is also a hypnotherapist selling CD’s and MP3’s who is glossing over Fears of Success and of Failure as well.


jimmie bailey

the end of poverty


Gladys Coston-Gibson

This is so true, is all I can say. I was highly upset that my cell phone did not support the webinar I scheduled for my free hypnosis, that I scheduled through an email from Mind Movies, I so wanted to start the process for unblocking the blockers, but I did manage to schedule for your special offer. Thank you Tellman Knudson for bringing this to so many people’s attention. It clearly tells me you sincerely & truly care, therefore you will be blessed exponentially! God Bless you & your family, may you continue to have blessed filled days!



Hi Tellman! I´ve just found you and I´m really curious in your work, I would love making a lot of money on the internet but I don´t know what to do. I can do a lot of stuf whit my hands like paint, sewing and stuf like that and I can teach but I don´t know how to get any money from it and i´m really in need of that! Today I am a teacher and that is not my dream at all!!! I saw that you wrote that you could start whitout even knowing what to sell how is that? You are GREAT! Thanks for everything:) Anna


nikki pelayo

Your SHS program could not have come along at a better time. I find that I am manifesting at a pace that quite frankly I am finding a little ( or alot at times) scary. I purchased the binaural beats and listen to the one I feel is appropriate every night.Today an offer came along that took my breath (literally) and the first realization I had is that I have a huge block. Fear of failure or success Im not sure but it’s there and I know I want to move it out of my way.. Any thoughts or suggestions?


Mary Bronner

Tellman, I have believed in you, enough to put what little money I have into your hypnosis sessions. So I already believe in what you have to offer. I only hope I can keep up with the instruction as my schedule is crazy. Thank you again for your input. Mary B.


Tellman Knudson

Great to have you here with us Mary!

Now, put twice as much belief back in yourself and you’ll be completely unstoppable!



Kathleen Brewington

I am using your Mind jack hypnosis track, and another one right now, love it, I am sure it is going to benefit my life. I have decided i am tired of the rat race and deserve better than what a waitressing job can give me! Ain’t nothing going to stop me because I deserve the best of everything!

Love ya Tellman



In your mail you ask: ‘So, what are you going to use Hypnosis for first?’ My answer may surprise you. Naturally, I would like to see myself reach my true potential in all areas of my life. But strangely enough, and first off, I need to get greater belief in self (and self’s ability) on the golf course. Now for some this objective is hardly important, but for me the exact opposite is true. I won’t go into the reasons for this here because it is not the place. However, I can assure you that inside my head I know I just MUST do everthing I can to reach this goal. I truly don’t ask for much from my life, just the ability to make the most of my ability! I look forward to more stuff from you in the areas of improving self confidence and in improving focus.


Tellman Knudson

Bob – Golf is a GREAT application for Hypnosis!

I have several Hypnotist friends that specialize in just that.

You’re gonna do great!



Miriama Nadakuitavuki

I am a 44 year old mother of 3, married, and have worked in government for the last 22 years of my life. My life’s journey has always been about a search of who I am and why I was put on this earth for. At first I thought who I am were many things – my culture, my upbringing, my history, whether good or bad, religion, what others thought who I was, my education, my job and the securities this brought me, owning my own home/car and other material possessions I have, being in a stable relationship, having family, having a fat bank account, my physical and mental well being, my level of contribution to the community and so on and so forth. In my 44th year of life, I am only discovering – that all of the above isnt it – the things above do play a strong factor in shaping who I am today – but I am not meant to be these things. I originate from a higher source – that is far supreme from the earthly conditions that have shaped my life to date. This is the place where I continue to lift my gaze towards each day – in this place there is freedom from inaccurate perceptions of who I am and how I perceive others, in this place I understand my placement in this earth so it eliminates every element of competition – ” I am better than you” syndrome, in this place, my life is no longer shaped by how I look on the outside or whether I am a woman or the type of job I have. You could be in a prison cell, or living with a life threatening illness, or live deep in the poverty of Africa, but if you operate from this higher dimension – then you are already free – you know who you are and no one or nothing can take this away from you – not even death. Only the truth can set you free!


Elaine Nicol

Thank you for your post Tellman, your work is appreciated.
Fear of failure, definitely, fear of success, maybe… for some reason after I spend time and money on my success and get so close I can taste it, that is when I start procrastinating and feeling down on myself so badly that I am basically self-sabatoging my efforts.
So yes I know it is in my head. Maybe caused by the years of feeling submissive and less important than others, that maybe I don’t deserve to finally break past the poverty line. I know I have potential… but when I get close to reaching it, I stop reaching.
This is why I am so interested in learning how to self-hypnotize myself. It is wrong for me to treat myself so badly. It is wrong for myself to believe I am unimportant and I deserve failure. It is not true. I hope you are reading this, Dr. Husain. I had a good career as bus driver before I developed a serious mental illness. Then I lost my job, my husband, and custody of my child. I was unable to keep a job after that, and sabatoging myself with drugs and alcohol because of my desperation for friends and people to spend time with, resulted in a life full of strife and poverty. I couldn’t afford to buy my son or nephews Christmas or birthday presence. I hated my self. Sometimes I still hate myself. But I regard others highly. Where does this come from? How do I break out of this? I see hypnosis as the answer, but what is the root?
I’ve always been a smart person with a lot of potential. I care about others and I love my family and friends so much my heart could burst. With the help of a special friend and faith in Christ I was able to break the hold drugs and alcohol had over me. I know I deserve more than I have. I deserve to be able to own a home. I deserve to be able to give good things to those I love. Yet how do I break away from this self-hatred and surrender to failure?
Anyone else feel this way? You are not alone. And if you do feel this way, know that even though I am distant and we might not have met, because of our common bond, we are kin and you are loved. I love you. I know how much it hurts to run yourself down. You deserve to grab hold of your dreams, succeed at your efforts, and live happy surrounded by those who love you.
Tellman, I hope and pray that you can help me with your hypnosis. I’m hurting so much inside. I need help.
Afraid to hope,



Since the development of the fmri imaging technology which has taken our scientific understanding of the neurobiology of the brain and the effect of emotion on the brain’s bio/chemistry, our esoteric and instinctual knowledge about the efficacy of mindful meditation, hypnosis etc. and our own ability to repair damaged brain circuitry is now incontestable.

Thing is….why struggle so hard alone (me…25 years of it) and not get very far when Tellman’s wonderful hypnosis sessions can fast track the process. Science reinforces the 30 days to break a habit methodology and my personal experience lets me know it works. I only write this because I want to help others not waste psychic energy and struggle and suffer the way I have done in the past…and am still working on fixing.


Tellman Knudson

Amanda – you are AWESOME!

Not only are you brilliant – but such kind word as well.

Thanks so much for the support.

I’m glad you’re such a Hypnosis fan!



Stuart lovejoy

Thank you, I am doing a hypnotherapy course at the moment and I am very encoruged with what I have just read. I look forward to learning more from you. Thanks again. Stuart.


Tellman Knudson

Awesome Stuart!

Which Hypnotherapy course are you working on?




I heard quite a bit about how much potential I was wasting. I still had a ton of things going on but it didnt seem to matter until I changed my perspective. What I do has to be for myself by conscious decision at first including what grade I was going to get in a class. I am also a single parent for awhile now and I was working. I discovered fear can and will ruin your life as it is so toxic. Those decisions/fears would be better maintained with self-hypnosis.


Tellman Knudson

Amen Liz!

Self Hypnosis rocks!




I keep hearing that to really make have the business and the life you really want, that you need to think different. Then the question would come up is “in what way and how do I change my way of thinking?” It can be hard for most to just change one think. I found that
doing you Hypnosis session has help me to change habits. Thank you Tellman.


Tellman Knudson


Great Question!

What I’ve found is that there are 3 really great (and easy) ways to change your thinking.

1) Spend time with people who have accomplished MORE than you are currently striving to accomplish. If you spend more time with people who are GREAT and something you’re just starting to get good at, you’ll find you make much faster progress than if you go it alone.

2) Read (more) books and listen to more audio books or videos by people who have already accomplished the things you’re working toward now.

3) Hypnosis works wonders. I have found that it accellerates the learning process in almost any area. Use hypnosis to learn faster and establish habits faster -and more permanently around your thinking.



sheila walton

I have been interested in reading your articles above. I myself have had a very normal life, very disciplined. a lovely long childhood. I have not done anything spectacular, and have always worked in an office environment. Today, I realize it was not what I wanted to do really, as I always wanted to be a Physical Education Teacher, and mad on sports as a young girl. However, that was not to be. However, at my time of life, I would like to be able to finish projects that I have started, be focused, and live a life of happiness and financial freedom. Thank you for this opportunity you have given for those who really want to better their lives.
Sheila Walton


Rick Aster

If hypnosis addresses the big obstacles, all located in my head, is it okay if I think of hypnosis as a “new hat”?


Tellman Knudson

It sure is Rick!

Just make it the best hat you can possibly think of!



Eero Jalmariz

Afraid to succed? I guess not. I am a “sea-captain” but also “captain in the Swedish Royal Marine”. When still sailing I took my degrees as “bachelor of laws”. My university was the ULCC= ultra large crude carrier.

But on the internet marketing I have attained nothing. How come?

Eero Jalmariz



Everyone of us do the next:lokomotions, feeding, breathing, thermoregulations(,clothes) ,searching for shelter(house),avoiding beasts(bad people), sleeping, keeping the body clean,secretion,investigative activity, playing using tools in work, biological rhythm in everything, reproductive behaviour,social behaviour, aging, transition to eternity-death. GOAL OF MY LIFE- COMPLETE PHYSICAL(PHYSIOLOGICAL), MENTAL(INTELLECTUAL), SOCIAL(MORAL), EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL(RELIGIOUS) WELL BEING, ALL ROUND DEVELOPMENT OF INNER, MY OWN, CONSTITUTIONAL ENDOWMENTS FOR MYSELF . MY ACHIEVMENTS IN DEVELOPMENTS HELP TO LIVE FOR ME AND TO PEOPLE AROUND ME. THAT IS THE GOAL OF LIFE FOR ME SINCE 1967. NOW I AM 75 YEARS OLD. THE JACK POT OF MY MONEY IS A MEASURE OF MY LIBERTY , BUT …. SUNSHINE COST NOTHING, SEA WATER COST NOTHING, FRESH AIR COST NOTHING AND TRUE LOVE COST NOTHING. GREEN GRASS COST NOTHING . MEET YOU IN AFTER LIFE, BEST WISHIES,


Dr. Masroor Husain

Academically I am a physician, but in real life I am nothing but a living person. After getting the M.B.B.S. degree I went to U.S.A. to get a higher degree on M.P.H (Masters in Public Health). I had a critical almost fatal car accident just before a sew months of finishing my course which made me physically and mentally disabled and ruined my life. Now I do not have any job, do not have any income at all-not even a cent, I am still living on my parents. I wish I could die rather than living this inhuman life. Can you show me any way to live ?


Henry Wong

Dear Dr. Husain: Thank you for your message and for sharing with the world to respond
and here I offer my humble opinion and point of view. First of all, you are still alive and
though it may be difficult, be thankful, and thank God for that. Millions of people cannot do that. Secondly, your life was spared – even in a very, very serious accident you had – so there must be a purpose. Millions are not in that position. The fact that you write so well shows that you have your abilities in good working order. Millions can’t do that. Whether the accident was your fault or not, don’t look back, look ahead. While there is life, we know, there is HOPE. All is NOT lost ! Put you trust in Jesus Christ the Messiah, the ever-living Savior ! Please e-mail me and I will be glad to tell you more and send you more information as the space here is limited. Also, anyone else may e-mail me. May
the Great God continue to Bless and help you in every way as you go onward and upward !
I send my BEST personal regards and wishes for your success ! Sincerely, Henry


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