STOP SOPA! (Happy Birthday!)

by Tellman Knudson

We all desperately need your help!

I don’t claim to be a Philosopher (but, maybe one day…)

and I don’t claim to be a Politician (far from it)…

But there are 2 things I know for sure.

1. It’s January 18th! My 35th Birthday – and I’m gonna raise some Hell today!

2. If the SOPA and PIPA are passed, Internet Entrepreneurs (that means you and me) lives will suck worse than you can possibly imagine.

If you’re not up to speed – then read this:

SOPA: “Stop Online Piracy Act”

PIPA: “Protect IP Act”

Learn more about it from Wikipedia (today only)

Contact your congressmen HERE:



If you’re already familiar with SOPA then
you’re probably as infuriated, if not more-so than me.

So today, websites throughout the USA (and the world)
are “Blacking Out” their websites as a protest.

I firmly believe that Protesting is a complete waste
of time.

Protesters “bitch” about problems instead of doing
something about problems.

So, I’m going to protest the protest and actually
do something to solve this problem (that will ruin
all of our abilities to run our businesses the way
we should be allowed to…)

I’m going to do something about the fact that Congress
is even considering violating our most basic of Civil
Liberties by “muting” out free speech on The Internet.

Even considering SOPA goes directly against everything
that the USA, our great country stands for – and though
I don’t usually comment on Political B.S. – today it’s
my birthday for Christ’s Sake so I’m gonna make an exception.

It’s time to kick the politicians who would censor us
and “quiet us down” square in the nuts.

And I need you to help me make an impact that will resonate
through the walls of Congress.

Here’s what you can do right NOW!

This is only going to work today, January 18th.

If you go to this link tomorrow, you’ll just end
up on the normal wikipedia page.

I need you to contact your Senator and tell them with
the most desperate urgency you muster up that they MUST
vote against SOPA and PIPA.

Step 1: Forward this email to everyone you know right now!

Step 2: Go to Wikipedia and type in your zip code.

Step 3: All the phone numbers for your Senators will
show up on the left hand side of the screen.

Call all your Senators NOW and tell them to Vote AGAINST SOPA and PIPA

Here’s what SOPA will do to you:

1. It would allow anyone with money and power to immediately
shut your website down without notice (and without trial).

EVEN if you didn’t do anything wrong!

2. That means that ANYONE with enough money that finds you
or your website (business) threatening could shut you down

3. That means that your BUSINESS can get SHUT OFF like a
light-switch without your say-so, by a bigger competitor,
without warning or TRIAL!

Do you want that?

NO! call your Senator NOW and tell him or her to do the right
thing for Internet Entrepreneurs!

Now, press the Share, Like, Re-Tweet and G+ Buttons (to the left) to spread the word about SOPA!

Then, throw-in your 2 cents in the comments below!

Here are some Facts:

Fact 1: Sites like YouTube, which publishes millions of user-uploaded videos each week, are worried that they would be forced to more closely police that content to avoid running afoul of the new rules.

Fact 2: “YouTube would just go dark immediately,” Google public policy director Bob Boorstin said at a conference last month. “It couldn’t function.”

Fact 3: Tech companies also object to SOPA’s “shoot first, ask questions later” approach.
The bill requires every payment or advertising network operator to set up a process through which outside parties can notify the company that one of its customers is an “Internet site is dedicated to theft of U.S. property.” Once a network gets a notification, it is required to cut off services to the target site within five days.

Fact 4: Filing false notifications is a crime, but the process would put the burden of proof — and the legal cost of fighting a false allegation — on the accused.

Fact 5: As the anti-SOPA trade group NetCoalition put it in their analysis of the bill: “The legislation systematically favors a copyright owner’s intellectual property rights and strips the owners of accused websites of their rights.”

Press Like, Share, Re-Tweet and G+ to spread the word!

Join the SOPA discussion in the comments below!.

(call your Senator first NOW)


If You're Unstoppable:


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Andre Chaperon

Firstly — a (belated) happy birthday, man!

This SOPA thing is never going to fly. Not in a million years. Not with all the support against it.




happy birthday tellman this is big for are freedom


Clay Franklin

Happy Birthday Tellman!

I appreciate you hugely because I am using what you taught me to make money on line and still learning from you like the “achiever your number one goal” hypnosis video you did for me. Guess I need to watch it every day because I immediately had results and then I lost the momentum over the next 3 days. That one goal is very clear in my mind and it’s all because of you.

I sent the letter to Congress.
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you… Best wishes for you and your family to have the most fun, rewarding year ever.

Clay Franklin


Matt Gill

Right on Sucka!

I agree – we need to nip this in the bud!

thanks for taking the time to make this stance and encourage people to stand up against this mess.

Happy Birthday stud!

– MG



Happy late Birthday! at the ring of the church bell between Monday and tuesday, if you were cinderella heeuy! best wishes.


william bradbury

Hi Tellman: I am not in the USA right now so can’t do too much. I have a proposal for you and some of your rich friends, I am opening up a start-up on as copper mine in Northern Mexico and need about 1 million to get it too the point that we can get a big
mining company for a partner. This project will make big bucks if it gets going it should be one of the bigger copper mines going.


Jt Clough | Big Island Dog

I’m usually not political either but I’ve been all over this one. And yes… I did send an e-mail, call etc. This is one I just have to join in and do something about.

It’s really scary shit what they are trying to pass.

Mahalo for helping put the word out there so we have the voice we deserve in numbers who get informed on the matter.

Aloha wags!



Hi Tellman and happy birthday

I am not US citizen or resident but from an outsiders point of view, I am not surprised at when these bills do or will do. The US government seems to have started to lose all social responsibilities unless you are mega rich since the middle 1970’s, now if you have the money in US it seems (to an outsider) you can do anything, even get away with murder, and the congress and the senate will do everything they can to protect you.

Watching what passes for news coverage here of the republican nomination race I have one question for the republican party hacks, if wealthy people cannot pay their share of taxes because they are the ones that create the jobs, what have the wealthy who don’t pay taxes been doing since 2007, because they sure haven’t been creating jobs, unless making longer unemployment lines is their idea of jobs now.




A very Happy 35th Birthday to you!

Thanks for all the wonderful product you develop and place at our disposal..I never get tired of any of it!

I have contacted my congressman and expressed my opposition to both SOPA and PIPA.
Let’s stay vigilant since this issue is not going to go away anytime soon!



History tends to repeat itself just to show us how unevolved we are, making the same stupid mistakes over and over again… the witch hunt and the Red Scare of the 50’s comes to my mind when I hear about SOPA and PIPA… looks like some politicians are fond to go with corporative crusades without taking any consideration on people’s voice… and not only US people… but from every single corner of the planet.

Don’t kill the internet… kill the bill!


Linda Bradley

Hi Tellman,

I contacted Congress and voiced my opinion about

Don’t Take It away!>>>

Happy Birthday!




Happy BD Tellman!
I called 3 Senators & 1 Congressman (who has introduced a bill AGAINST Sopa – or something to that effect). Then I FB’d it & Tweeted about 15 different messages from different sources. I’m surprised there isn’t really any discussion here!


Wayne Sharer

This is big Tellman, and if I had a Senator (I live in DC), I would send an email to the office instantly.

The sad news is, this President, and his associate leader in the Senate doesn’t give one damn about the Constitution. The are so fearless, they go on TV and publicly announce how they are going to bypass it. In the last couple of months, it’s been a regular routine.

This however shouldn’t prevent entrepreneurs who depend on the internet from letting their voices be known. If you have a Senator (ie., don’t live in DC or a Territory) then you really must let it be known how you oppose this.


Wayne Sharer



Hopefully, through the power of social media and the internet, we can protect our freedoms.Many people throughout the world are waking up to the knowledge that this draconian legislation can suppress free speech and creativity outside the USA. Some are feeling powerless and angry at the arrogance of US legislators. In Australia, we have successfully fought off internet censorship and will not tolerate it being forced on us by a foreign government. I seriously wonder if there is any real democratic process left in the USA and it seems that most politicians are being bought or controlled. As an example of this, SOPA/PIPA seems to have originated mainly from the US entertainment industry and their lobbyists and has no informed popular support. For those wondering about the motives of the authors and backers of this irrational legislation, I highly recommend the article . For more great information on who could be behind this attempt to kill off internet freedom and their hidden commercial agenda, go to


T Edward Shepherd

Tellman, I have no idea what you are selling but I get your emails all the time and they scare me – because I have no money and don’t want to lose any money.
But, I just had my birthday too so I DID read this morning email from you .. strange.
And since we are both actively protesting this crazy SOPA/PIPA crap then I think we better yell and yell loud before it’s too late.
Let’s do this.


Kathy mendoza

Don’t. Take it away


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