STOP SOPA! (Happy Birthday!)

by Tellman Knudson

We all desperately need your help!

I don’t claim to be a Philosopher (but, maybe one day…)

and I don’t claim to be a Politician (far from it)…

But there are 2 things I know for sure.

1. It’s January 18th! My 35th Birthday – and I’m gonna raise some Hell today!

2. If the SOPA and PIPA are passed, Internet Entrepreneurs (that means you and me) lives will suck worse than you can possibly imagine.

If you’re not up to speed – then read this:

SOPA: “Stop Online Piracy Act”

PIPA: “Protect IP Act”

Learn more about it from Wikipedia (today only)

Contact your congressmen HERE:



If you’re already familiar with SOPA then
you’re probably as infuriated, if not more-so than me.

So today, websites throughout the USA (and the world)
are “Blacking Out” their websites as a protest.

I firmly believe that Protesting is a complete waste
of time.

Protesters “bitch” about problems instead of doing
something about problems.

So, I’m going to protest the protest and actually
do something to solve this problem (that will ruin
all of our abilities to run our businesses the way
we should be allowed to…)

I’m going to do something about the fact that Congress
is even considering violating our most basic of Civil
Liberties by “muting” out free speech on The Internet.

Even considering SOPA goes directly against everything
that the USA, our great country stands for – and though
I don’t usually comment on Political B.S. – today it’s
my birthday for Christ’s Sake so I’m gonna make an exception.

It’s time to kick the politicians who would censor us
and “quiet us down” square in the nuts.

And I need you to help me make an impact that will resonate
through the walls of Congress.

Here’s what you can do right NOW!

This is only going to work today, January 18th.

If you go to this link tomorrow, you’ll just end
up on the normal wikipedia page.

I need you to contact your Senator and tell them with
the most desperate urgency you muster up that they MUST
vote against SOPA and PIPA.

Step 1: Forward this email to everyone you know right now!

Step 2: Go to Wikipedia and type in your zip code.

Step 3: All the phone numbers for your Senators will
show up on the left hand side of the screen.

Call all your Senators NOW and tell them to Vote AGAINST SOPA and PIPA

Here’s what SOPA will do to you:

1. It would allow anyone with money and power to immediately
shut your website down without notice (and without trial).

EVEN if you didn’t do anything wrong!

2. That means that ANYONE with enough money that finds you
or your website (business) threatening could shut you down

3. That means that your BUSINESS can get SHUT OFF like a
light-switch without your say-so, by a bigger competitor,
without warning or TRIAL!

Do you want that?

NO! call your Senator NOW and tell him or her to do the right
thing for Internet Entrepreneurs!

Now, press the Share, Like, Re-Tweet and G+ Buttons (to the left) to spread the word about SOPA!

Then, throw-in your 2 cents in the comments below!

Here are some Facts:

Fact 1: Sites like YouTube, which publishes millions of user-uploaded videos each week, are worried that they would be forced to more closely police that content to avoid running afoul of the new rules.

Fact 2: “YouTube would just go dark immediately,” Google public policy director Bob Boorstin said at a conference last month. “It couldn’t function.”

Fact 3: Tech companies also object to SOPA’s “shoot first, ask questions later” approach.
The bill requires every payment or advertising network operator to set up a process through which outside parties can notify the company that one of its customers is an “Internet site is dedicated to theft of U.S. property.” Once a network gets a notification, it is required to cut off services to the target site within five days.

Fact 4: Filing false notifications is a crime, but the process would put the burden of proof — and the legal cost of fighting a false allegation — on the accused.

Fact 5: As the anti-SOPA trade group NetCoalition put it in their analysis of the bill: “The legislation systematically favors a copyright owner’s intellectual property rights and strips the owners of accused websites of their rights.”

Press Like, Share, Re-Tweet and G+ to spread the word!

Join the SOPA discussion in the comments below!.

(call your Senator first NOW)


If You're Unstoppable:


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