Kickstarter on NBC!

by Tellman Knudson

If you’ve been wondering how fund your dreams and turn them into reality – look no further!

Kickstarter and Crowdfunding hit mainstream yesterday:

If you have a cool idea you’d like to see get funded tell us about it in the comments below.

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Ted C. Crawford

I have a current project on KICKSTARTER which has been the most challenging and educational undertaking ever. This has required a lot of work and offers an equally great reward in return. KICKSTARTER is the ultimate crowdfunding platform and certainly is the future.

After having visited KickStarter at their offices in New York, I can tell you that this is a solid deal.

You can jump in join the experience by backing my tool project – THE GREATEST TOOL IN THE WORLD.

Green link “BACK THIS PROJECT – $1 Dollar Minimum Pledge.” You can send a message if needed.

This is the quickest way possible to start learning about KICKSTARTER and how it works.

CAUTION! The KickStarter website is highly addictive and can cause you to stay up late and ‘surfing & watching’ all the interesting projects.

I have ‘backed’ 48 projects and become somewhat of a “KICKHEAD”

FACEBOOK: Ted C. Crawford



Sounds interesting.
I have had a plan to educate people in small group forums in building better relationships with their families and friends.
See you there,


Rev. Barry Willie Black

With the deadlines that Kickstarter has for reaching a goal, should folks segment their project to ask for smaller amounts and “step” through a larger project goal, or shoot for the moon and ask for all they think they need for a large project?

Rev. Barry Willie Black



Wow – that’s pretty huge. I am definitely going to consider looking into this for a project I’ve been stuck on to help people improve their health.

Thanks for sharing this Tellman!


Judy Whalen

Hello Tellman,

Thanks for the info on crowdfunding. I’ve been researching it as a source of funding to rescript, reshoot and market my Shoplifting IS Stealing! program (It teaches kids the consequences of shoplifting – A large international service organization is interested in using the program for their Ethics initiative with young people. But I have to re-script it, reshoot, redesign the website, and improve the social media and marketing of it for them to agree to move forward. The current version we scripted and shot in 1997. We have sold it (without marketing) across the US and in 6 foreign countries. So we know the markets. If I can raise the funds, we could collaborate with/license the service organization as well as improve the program and market it ourselves. Our goal continues to be to keep the price point reasonable so families as well as organizations can afford it. Any suggestions on how to submit it to Kickstarter? I’m signing up for your webinar. Thanks so much for making it available.

Judy Whalen



good mornins,
nice to meet you,


Gary Barnett

i am very interested in crowd funding for a project i want to do registered for the webinar and bought your crowd funding course when you were selling it last year. the project i want to do is habitat restoration in the county that i live in and to keep it going i plan to sell the firewood in bundles to pay for seed to reseed the areas that are cut and keep this going year after year. I have a solid business plan but need the funding to get it going and if you walk into a bank no matter how good your plan is and say logging or firewood they laugh you out the door. A little background of what i want to do and where its at. i want to cut pinion juniper trees which in this area is classified as an invasive species the only real use for this tree as it grows like a bush is for firewood not large enough for lumber or anything else and it grows like a weed and so thick that it makes areas completely inhabitable for wildlife and there is several threatened or declining species in this area such as mule deer sage grouse and mustangs among others. The area is very rural and small there isnt a walmart or mcdonalds within a 100 miles of here the population of the entire county is 5000 and in land size is larger then 9 eastern states and is over 98% federal land. im looking for the funding to get this off the ground and am wondering if you think this would work with crowd funding and what sites would allow this thank you


Ben Caron

Hi, Tellman!
I know this is right up your alley: I would love to make an educational television show for families of children who have ADHD. My father has been a child psychologist for over 30 years; a considerable time ago, he produced a series of educational videos about ADHD for parents and children to watch together; not having any marketing skills at the time, distribution was less than encouraging.

My father has helped hundreds of families over the years, and as he continues to advance in age, eventually he will no longer be able to see patients in person. His specialty is writing witty lyrics, which I then put to music which sticks in people’s heads, and we subsequently film the songs with puppets. (ADHD Song here: )

For many years now he has been seeing soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan, because he currently works for the government as an independent contractor; as such, he has 0 (zero) retirement, and it would be great to see him provided for in his “golden years” while doing what he does best: simultaneously educating and entertaining children and families.

I know ADHD is a topic near and dear to your heart; being that my father and I BOTH have ADHD as well, it has been frustratingly difficult to make any substantial progress with our project! I’ve considered writing to you several times before, but I got distracted 😛

I hope you like the ADHD Song! I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback.
~Ben Caron
Help For Families of Children with ADHD


Collin Forde

Inquiring about the crowd funding.


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