Do You Believe In Aliens?

by Tellman Knudson

Well, do you?

I’ve got this kinda crazy project I’m starting up with a few friends…

And yes, it involves The Paranormal…

But I can’t tell you anymore about it right now.

What i do want to know is…

What’s your Paranormal Story?

Do you believe in Aliens? Why?

Do you believe in Ghosts? Why?

Do you believe in Bigfoot or Sasquatch? Why?

Let me know in the comments below.


If You're Unstoppable:


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Yes, we cannot possibly be the only intelligent life in the galaxy let alone the universe. It’s a pretty big place and highly unlikely that our planet is the only one to be able to sustain life. If we can learn to explore outer space in roughly 100+ years from the time we first took flight then what will we be able to do in 1000 years or more?

Other lifeforms may be 10’s of thousands of years beyond us.

Ghosts and paranormal…

This is what I originally wanted to share. I have experienced several weird things in my life that I cannot explain.

One thing has actually repeated itself in the last few days. Let me explain from the beginning.

About 4 1/2 years ago I bought a new house. And almost immediately upon moving in my girlfriend, her kids, and some friends had said they had heard strange noises….a guy in work boots walking around upstairs when nobody was upstairs, the dog freaking out and barking at a certain corner of the ceiling, and some said they seen things like an old woman standing at the kitchen sink and things……I didn’t believe anything was going on.

I thought they were just getting each other worked up and was why they were seeing/hearing these things when I wasn’t experiencing anything. I openly stated their was nothing going on and taunted the “ghosts” if their were any to show themselves to me not just the women. My girlfriend said that wasn’t a good idea. She has studied some about spirits and things that cross-over. Still, I wanted to see some stuff, too.

Well, they gave me a little taste…so to speak.

One night I was out in the living room laying on the couch watching tv. Just the tv on and I was covered up with a big blanket and had tucked it in all around me the put my arms back inside my blanket cocoon. Also I want to note that I was wearing a tshirt plus a sweatshirt, this is important.

I had drifted off to sleep and I remember my girlfriend coming out and scratching me on the back of my left shoulder to no doubt wake me up to come to bed. Or so I thought, we I opened my eyes thinking she would be standing there to, in fact, tell me to come to bed.

She wasn’t there…nobody was there. I opened my eyes while I was still feeling the scratching on my shoulder. I FREAKED…..I through the covers off and looked all over that couch, under the cushions, under the couch because whatever had been scratching me was as big as a hand. I initially thought a critter had gotten under the blanket with me. A mouse, a big spider or something.

I went in to check to see if my girlfriend had been out there at all. She was sawing logs and when I woke her to ask if she had tried to wake me she said she hadn’t left the room. I told her what had happened and she just shrugged it off and went back to bed.

I went back to the living room to try to figure out what happened. What was really weird about the whole deal was that the blanket was all tucked around me real tight PLUS whatever was scratching my shoulder had done it between my sweatshirt and my t-shirt. That’s why I thought it was a mouse or something.

I searched all around for critter’s again then just laid back down on the couch, fell asleep there. Got up in the morning, went to work, and didn’t think much about it.

All morning at work I had this itch in the middle of my back where I couldn’t reach, not on the shoulder where I had felt the whatever it was.

In the afternoon I went up front to ask my mother who is the secretary to look at my back to see if there was anything on it. Just before I had checked my self in the bathroom mirror and saw what looked like bruises but couldn’t see well because of the position.

She said there was 4 bruises across the middle of my back. When she touched each bruise they were right where I was feeling this burning itch.

When I got home I showed my girlfriend and we made a video, which I still have, she said the bruises were aligned like finger tips on a hand. She really had to stretch her fingers out to match her finger tips to the bruises. It looked like the “Left4Dead” video game hand that’s on the case. Weird and funny, too.

Those bruises stayed there and did not fade away for over a year. The itch went away after a couple weeks though.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago…I started feeling a strange itch again in the middle of my back. It went on for about a week without me actually checking it. I kept forgetting to have someone look. It only itched when no one else was around or it was after everyone else was in bed. Anyway, about 4 days ago I was home at lunch and my girlfriend had the day off so asked her to check my back again.

She just rolled her eyes because she didn’t think it could possibly repeat itself. I pulled up my shirt and she said, “OMG, you’re a FREAK !!” She said it looked like scribble lines in bruise in the middle of my back. I have a picture of it too.

It looks like 2 initials maybe…and a period. Really weird and have no idea what it is. Still itches like crazy. I don’t recall anything happening like before to pin it down to when it actually happened.

There is this psychic lady that my girlfriend swears by which normally I don’t really believe in psychics because none have shown me anything personally to convince me they’re the real deal.

But, this lady is different. Before my girlfriend and I had ever met, years before we met, my girlfriend had a reading done by this lady at a psychic party she went to with relatives and she had a recording of that reading. She had long forgot about what was actually said when she came across the tape.

I was on my way to her house when her oldest daughter called flipping her lid that I had to hurry up and get there to listen to this tape. I was like, whatever….psychic shmychic…I don’t believe in that.

I got to the house and the girl came flying out the door saying I had to listen to it right now. Got in the car that had a tape deck and listened. The psychic was telling my girlfriend on the recording to “be strong to get through the rough spot she was in her life so she could get to Darren later in life”. That really got my attention.

Around here Darren is not a common name, very rare in fact. Like 2 other people that I have ever run into around here with that name.

I was more of a believer after hearing that tape. It would have been nice if she had mentioned that if she were to go to Virginia Beach with this Darren that we should not walk across any streets at all. Would’ve saved us from getting creamed by a drunk driver while walking across a street.

We both survived that accident which the police said they were surprised because of all the other fatalities on that stretch of road/street involving a car and pedestrian.

By the way, when you see in the newspaper that someone has been hospitalized “with non-life threatening injuries” what that actually means is that they are really F-ed up but they’ll live. I didn’t walk on my own for 1 1/2 years. But we survived and I am walking and talking with no major complications outside of somewhat of a lack of focus at times. Not what it used to be before the accident. Maybe from the header I did into the pavement after bouncing off this guys car.

Anyway, back to the psychic. After my original experience with the mysterious bruises that same psychic was in the area up from Texas where she lives so my girlfriend set up a party for here and her friends for some readings.

I didn’t participate in an actual reading even though I somewhat believed this woman might be legit by the fact of the home run she had hit years earlier telling my girlfriend that she would meet this awesome guy named Darren. 🙂 Ok, ok, maybe she didn’t use that exact word…awesome…but I am sure that is what she meant to say. Hah…

Well, she was getting ready to leave after the readings and she had cornered me and hit me with a mini-reading that hit right on a few things that were going on. But, I wanted to ask her what the bruises on my back were, where they came from, and what put them there.

Before I could even finish my question or mention the bruises part she nodded and said, “You are wondering about the bruises on your back?” Whoa!!! I thought. Looked at my girlfriend and she said she hadn’t even mentioned anything about the bruise thing.

Next thing she said blew everyone away and put a big smile on my face. 🙂

She said, “You’ve been touched by GOD, he has important work for you to do yet.” The bruises thing was a way of letting me know he is real and that I have yet to accomplish what he has planned for me. Also is why I survived that accident.

My girlfriend said real loud, “Oh, GREAT, why did you have to tell him that? I will never hear the end of that now.”

And she is right. Ha ha….

I’m not what you would call religious. I believe enough and live my life close to the line that I believe will keep me out of hell possibly.

Does this second bruising mean I’ve been “touched” twice? Maybe a shove to let me know I still have work to do?

I don’t know and have no idea what I am actually suppose to do.

I have several other weird and wonderful things that I have personally experienced but that is enough for now. I don’t want to take up any entire page for my comment.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far.

Darren Dillman



It was aporoximately 3am and I was awakened by a little girls voice that said “I want mommy to dress me.” My girlfriend also heard it. A few minutes later a woman’s voice screamed “Can you help me?!” My girlfriend and I were up the rest of the night.



Have been interested in UFO’s for a long time despite not having seen anything personally. The testimonies of former Astronauts as well as many in government and the military is pretty convincing. So if you’re looking for help with your project I’m in!



Do I believe in aliens? Why yes, I’ve met one:

Among strange occurrences in my life, I begin seeing a small creature in both my car and in my bedroom. He seems to speak to me. He seems to be loving, kind and wise. But I think I must be going crazy. People don’t see such things. He appears to me on quite a regular basis, that is several times a week, for months. I’m so embarrassed I don’t even mention it to my therapist. After awhile, I get used to him, stop feeling afraid of him, and actually start to enjoy his visits. I even anticipate and expect them. Many of these visits occur as months go by. He calls himself Chalie. He advises, consoles, chides. He doesn’t look human, but I’ve gotten used o him and welcome his appearances.

When the Star Wars movies are released, I take my kids to see them. Imagine my amazement when the figure of Yoda appears on the screen–the exact image of the “Charlie” who has been my secret little companion. I’m so startled at first I don’t know what to think. The physical appearance, the personality, the style of his languatge, his deep wisdom; all identical. A considerable amount of time passes as I try to process this experience. I finally accept that in some way I will never understand, I have taped into a consciousness, perhaps even with my imagination only, to which a movie producer also has access. Since there is no plausible explanation, I stop trying to explain it. I have a friend, how or from where I don’t know. He brings me solace when I need it, and someone to laugh with, someone to trust. Whether it is through the imagination or whatever, it is pleasant to have his company. I don’t ask him to appear, I don’t ask him to stop appearing, but both things happen. I miss him when he fails to continue dropping in on me. But life is complex–there isn’t much time or energy to contemplate what was really going on.



During one period in my life I had several paranormal experiences, not all of them involving aliens but definitely other-worldly. I’ll blog some of them, not all at once ’cause that could be a book, rather as I run across where I recorded them in journals:

My world comes to a screeching halt with a bad auto accident. I’m critically injured and near death. Silence is engulfing me–a silence I’ve never experienced. Everything is silent even though I’m aware of people moving about me. I notice that is raining but I’m not getting wet; this seems curious. A few feet away a weaving red light catches my eye. I investigate and see that it is a flashing red light being reflected on the back of firemen’s wet slickers. Curious again, I peer over their shoulders to see what they are involved with. To my surprise I recognize myself inside a crumpled car! My little son is crying in the back seat. Upon thinking the thought to be near him I am immediately next to him.

Now I’m looking down over the top of my own head, into my lap. My thought is, “Wow! That must hurt!” Frustrated because my son is ignoring my efforts to comfort him, I realize if I want him to hear me I must get back into the body. I slip in like putting a letter in an envelope.

The silence is broken by screams as pain consumes my consciousness. The “Jaws of Life” has been used to release my pinned body from the car. Someone is dragging me by my shoulders; I see my legs emerge from beneath crumpled metal, then the pain wins and I’m unconscious again.

In and out of my hiding place of unconsciousness, for three days I hover about 18 inches above my body, disconnected yet somehow magnetized and unable to move further away; my life, my obligations, my current situation run a loop through my mind. I know I’m facing a choice; I can’t hang out in the space indefinitely. I must choose to re-enter my body and stay there, or let it go and never enter again. Where I am is dark, silent, alone and very, very lonely. There are no walls or other confinements, I’m in a nowhere place.

I examine the reasons to stay–none of which are reason to do it. I examine the price in pain and suffering that staying will cost me. I can’t seem to find how to hold the courage to go through with that. Leaving feels so strange and frightening I also can’t find the courage to do that.

I dip in and out of awareness; in and out of this strange and hollow cave of the in-between. Eventually I pull myself together, take a deep breath, and commit to make it through and beyond the pain. As I sink back into the physical, I do it realizing this will be the last time I enter the no-space, and it is a decision I will be required to honor.


Logan Kugler

Absolutely! No question about it. None. Zip. Zero. It’s a STATISTICAL IMPOSSIBILITY that intelligent life doesn’t exist out there in the cosmos. With some 500 BILLION solar systems in our galaxy alone and hundreds of billions of galaxies in the OBSERVABLE universe alone, it’s impossible for all of that space to exist without other life — some much, much more intelligent than us and some not.

The expanse of the observable universe is about 42 billion lightyears. Scientists predict the full universe is at least twice that size. I reckon it’s a lot bigger. So after you figure there’s 500 billion X 750 billion potential star systems out there (conservatively speaking), then you have to consider our universe isn’t the only one. I came to that conclusion before I even heard about the multiverse theory.

Why as young kids (and as adults in the back of our mind) do we have that feeling of despair that this is all that there is and a feeling of conviction that there must be more? Because there is. A whole lot more.

We can’t put our heads around those numbers because even the enormity of the human imagination can’t come close to grasping it. The most our human minds and human imagination can help us with is inspiring us enough with the possibilities that exist out there that we reach for them.

We’ll see an interstellar ship within my lifetime. It will go out and find another intelligent civilization and provide mankind with a meaningful destination.

– Logan



Everyone has heard a spooky ghost story or seen a scary paranormal or extraterrestrial movie in their lifetime. Most times, these stories produce and kindle fear and negativity of the unknown. I chose to share the story of Duke Kahanamoku because it was one of the most interesting paranormal stories I have had the pleasure of hearing…there was no fear involved, only wonder and amazement. It was told to me by people I love and trust and were like family to me. Telling THEIR story does not negate the existence of the paranormal…it only compounds the belief in it for me because I knew these people, was in their home. In fact, I never doubted it since an early age. I have personally had my share of spiritual, metaphysical and paranormal experiences. The subject has always been fascinating and terrifying to me. When I meet people who have these experiences where no one is scared senseless, that is the kicker for me. Understanding the unknown well enough to live peacefully with it is, in my opinion, admirable.

I don’t seem to handle my own experiences with as much calm and finesse. I’ve been inundated with this fear-based outlook of the unknown since before I can remember. I am terrified most of the time of experiencing anything so substantial as a visit from the dead. I believe it is for this reason alone, that I have never seen a ghost. However, I have heard and felt the presence of it.

I have heard a voice whispering in my ear, followed by a heavy pressure on my chest, in the middle of night. For two weeks, I slept in fear, until the same voice chose to find me again at a different place, in the middle of the night, saying, “I’m back…” It was at this point that I decided that I had had enough. I was tired of being afraid and consciously made the decision that I would no longer allow that fear to invite negative energy around me. Happily, I never heard from the voice again.

I have also had less terrifying experiences…enough of them to know the reality of its existence. Many religious people believe that the devil is behind it…in other words, “demons.” I personally don’t believe in that. Perhaps there would be more positive stories if people were not so afraid of what they were experiencing. But then again, there are plenty of “angel” stories out there… I do believe in “angels,” but maybe some of these encounters were something different entirely.



I believe in spirits (angels). They are there to protect us and help us. Just the other night I felt someone trying to wake me up and I thought it was my daughter. I asked her if she was the one trying to wake me up and she said no. So I thought it was my friends again or my mother or my angel telling me to wake up and take my meds. I can’t really explain it. They say it’s all in your head when you see things like an alien, ghost or something but what about when you feel them?



I grew up in a house that had paranormal activity, where I saw a spirit /being /ghost, and witnessed a couple of unexplainable phenomena… such as my xylophone playing notes on its own, which continued frequently for several weeks… until my father heard it and got rid of the xylophone. A few other incidents occurred for other family members. Even as an adult, I was never able to go into that house alone.

At my place of work a couple of years ago, I was in the washroom in the middle of the night, no one stirring anywhere… I heard what I strongly believed to be a man’s voice… so much so that I called out, “I’ll be right out.” There was nobody there. I don’t know if this is the certain connection, but the brother of the previous owner had died in the room on the backside of that washroom… turned into storage room, and I always felt uneasy in there. Another house on that property also has paranormal activity. The previous tenant had mentioned 3 or 4 incidents that happened to him. And one night as my (then) boyfriend and I were almost asleep, the lamp came on suddenly, he thought he heard voices (I didn’t hear them, he thought they were calling his name); he was in the house alone one time and the closet doors started rattling; a teenaged friend of my daughter’s heard whispering in her ear; and an employee heard footsteps above him when he was in the crawlspace, although no one was in the house.

So along with stories I have heard from others (these are only a very few), and more tellingly, my OWN experiences, I absolutely know without a doubt that spirits exist.

I also frequently call psychics (several times per month), and many of them have received messages from Spirit Guides who were able to pinpoint specifics — unexplainable if they did not in fact exist.

As for aliens, UFO’s, BigFoot, Loch Ness Monster… and a whole host of other paranormal and /or legendary beliefs, all I can answer to that is that although I PERSONALLY have not experienced them… certainly does not mean that they don’t exist, and my mind remains open. Because there are SO many who claim to have experienced them, and they are as adamant about them as I am about the spirit world. I believe that non-believers are quite often so because they simply haven’t experienced it themselves, so they are simply unable to “validate.”

I like to use an analagy that I once heard: I’ve never seen New York either, but plenty of people claim that they have, so I remain open to the possibility that it in fact does exist! 🙂


Shirley V. Livesey

Ok it is I .” Again”
I used to practice healing untill I bacame inundated with requests a dozen or more spectators would turn up also.
Healing is a private thing not a spectator sport.
One can only tell what one sees hears or feels.
I have stood in front of my caravan after a bush fire raveged the forest.
I raised my arms and promised that I would help to propagate new growth .

What appeared to be a spinning flat disk came out of the mess of scorched and still smouldering black that had been my beautiful forest.
I was transfixed and could not move as the disk came spinning toward me almost like a saw blade .
The disk came to just about 18 inches away from me it stopped and spun in front of me for about 60 seconds on a level with my heart.
I could not move nor would I have done if I could.
The disk jut spun and hovered there and then woosh, yess woosh , the disk spun sideways and up toward the mountain it hovered there for a few moments as though taking measure or perhaps saying farewell and then sped off into the distance .
A few days later there was a report in the local newpaper of an unidentified flying object just like mine hovering around a cliff edge a few miles from where I had been.
I have other stories if you would like to hear them but I do not want to bore you.
Rest assured though that I do not tell lies.
“I tells it like I sees it”
Thats why I never made any money on the net.
It’s not that I cannot it is because I will not.
I am 78 and I like Tellman’s Dad have an Aneurism not yet large enough to operate.
My father and my brother died of rupured aneurisms.
I shall die when I am 86 years old and that is another story.
Shirley V.
Ps there is a picture of me on face book Shiraley I was 68 when it wa taken I have definitely changed since then but then again that is another story.



Their are of hundreds of thousands of documented extraterrestrial sightings and encounters all over the world, going back to beginning of recorded time. A very interesting book I just read is “Sage-ing While Age-ing” by Shirley MacLaine. Yes, she’s always been labeled a crackpot by the media, etc., but she more than any other famous American has researched this subject. She has consulted with astronauts, military officials, astronomers, government agencies, etc., on the phenomena, physical contact and information being withheld from Americans dating at least as far back as Hoover. Their are more sightings now than ever in Mexico, daily news editorials made public to the common citizen…yet never reported here in the US. Food for thought…

As far as ghosts and other paranormal activity goes, I have a great story to share:

Many people know of the famous Hawaiian surfer and olympian, Duke Kahanamoku. Some may remember the cover of Life Magazine with the picture of him standing in front of his large wooden surfboard. He had a home on the west end of Oahu, in the town of Makaha, land of the big waves. My high school boyfriend’s family lived in this house for several years. Brave folk they were for moving into this house where strange happenings began within a fore night. Living an hours drive from downtown, they commuted together at the break of dawn and returned after dark.

The first signs were when they returned home every night to find both the washer and dryer pushed out from the wall, the cords still plugged in. It took both my boyfriend and his father to push each one back in. The room at the bottom of the stairs was unused and was the area where the kitty litter box was kept. However, every morning when they woke and came downstairs from their bedrooms, the kitty litter box was pushed out from the door and lay in front of the bottom step. This continued for months until, slowly, it stopped altogether.

They never saw a presence, although it was felt from time to time. They had researched the home and discovered that it had been Duke’s house at the end of his life. The running joke became the calling of the downstairs room as “Duke’s room.”

Sometime later, perhaps years later, my boyfriend’s uncle came to visit. He unpacked his things in the downstairs bedroom and got ready to call it an early night since he suffered from jetlag. On returning to his bedroom, he was met with a man sitting on the bed waiting for him. Thinking it a friend of the family, he introduced himself and conversed with him for almost an hour. Than he excused himself and told the friendly visitor that he really needed to hit the sack. The visitor said good night (I don’t know if they shook hands or not) and left the room.

The next morning, he woke up, sat at the breakfast table, and told his family how much he enjoyed the friendly conversation he had had with their Hawaiian friend. They all looked at each other with expressions of confusion on their faces. “Who could it be?” they all wondered. “His name was Duke, I believe,” he responded. My boyfriend’s mother suddenly stood up, retrieved the Life Magazine cover of Duke Kahanamoku, and showed it to him. She asked,”Is this who you spoke with last night?” Of course, it was…

Hawaii is a very spiritual place, where the mana (spiritual magic) is felt almost everywhere… Without a doubt, I’m a believer.


Shirley V. Livesey

Every time I hear a new born baby cry, or touch a leaf, or see the sky, then I believe.
I believe.
I am 78 and many things have happened to me during my life, strange things why would I question what I have sensed, felt , heard , seen.
Wy would I, the person who was labelled that strange child when I was small and different.definitely different as an adult.
My memory stretches back to way before I was 5 years of age.
More recently I was diagnosed Aspergers Syndrome..
My Granddaughter also has this label,and we both have larger than average heads, not
obviously so but can’t get a hat to fit., and we both have larger than average brains. (fact} My Granddaughter was diagnosed Hydrocephalus this at birth this wa disproved.
So ! am I an alien or just a wierd human.
I dont care.
I am that I am.

Shirley V.


abraham j ishola

i believe in aliens is good to people that you no


phyllis conklin

yes, i truly believe in lost souls(ghosts as you could say) out of body experiences,
life after death. believe truly a Higher power that controls our life or you could call it your karma



I am an ex-Navy Pilot and was a member of the NASA Gemini Recovery Team (when Capsules landed in the ocean). Pete Conrad USN/Astronaut was a friend…..and yes I have my own “paranormal” experiences (for another time) and certainly we are not alone in a Universe of Billions of Stars. Mondo Canne was one of my favorite movies, exploring so many of the unexplainable anomalies of this Earth (Runways in the Andes, Pyramids in both Egypt, Mexico and Central America, out of body experiences etc. and yes we must have been visited along the way, so certainly there are aliens….what fun for those of us who will be given the opportunity of joining Tellman on his Voyage of Discovery….SHABAMBO !



Tellman, I wish those skeptics could walk in my shoes for just a little bit. My husband and I live in a well-documented real honest-to-goodness haunted house; however we have a sort of mutal pact going with our other-worldly housemates. They don’t bother us while we are sleeping, and we let them stay.They used to own this house, died here, and thankfully, are good natured, except for the one who resides in the shed.

Occasionally one of them will play pranks, like hiding all the lids to my kitchen bowls for exactly 6 months, then putting them back in the same place they were, in the same order, turning on old radios (the button on ours has to be deliberately pushed down), turning the TV to the soaps, etc. etc.

That said, almost all my life, I’ve been sort of a beacon for paranormal phenonoma, and at times, it gets pretty annoying, but it can be downright handy too; I can read people right down to their souls when I meet them, and my children couldn’t get away with anything when they were growing up, because I always knew exactly what they were up to.


Eric Holmlund

As a Bible believing Christian, I beleive in supernatural (God, angels, demons). I would point to this supernatural realm to explain many stories of aliens and ghosts.

I also beleive in UFO’s… not that they are operated by aliens… but that there are simply “unexplained” things that we have not figured out.

I saw a UFO in August 1998, while driving to college. We were just south of Salina, Kansas, in the evening… shortly after dark. We saw a large bright orb hovering in the sky, slowly descending. After a couple minutes, two military aircraft (F-16 type) came and were flying in tight circles around the orb. A few smaller orbs broke off of the large one, and descended until they were out of sight. The large orb then disappeared, and the two military planes flew away.

My guess is that the government knows what I saw that night, and it probably has a natural explanation, but it was never in the news. Pretty cool, huh?


Walter Askins

Of course they are. I have energetically as a healer/teacher/psychic remove alien spiritual probes for about 20 years. The main culprits are the greys both tall and short, lizards, blues and a few others. Nasty stuff. Some ETs are positive like the blonds who are a genetically engineered human. Some are extra dimensional like the aquamarines There are countless others. Some good some bad. Yes this sounds nuts but myself and the people I worked with would not agree. I also developed a Scalar program/DVD that raises the energy of an area and has been used to neutralize “ghost activities” . It does a myriad of other effect as well.
Could go even further with the spirits in the group home I used to work in. They would would turn on the water, change radios, knocked over 200 lbs of weights that were stacked in the basement, etc.. I have pics of some of them on a black and white monitor which showed their outline and in several their face.
I could go on an on and on……….Light beings so high that your entire body feels like you are on fire with love and compassion. Dark being that suck your souls energy even after death (This one came in the form of a smiling faced teacher. There is a native name for this dark medicine person but it has been a long time.). Natives, druids,masters,light beings, ets, extra dimensionals, angels, native spirits, nature spirits, dragons……. It all sounds nuts.
I am however an ordinary person with 2 children, heat with pellets, cut wood occasionally for heat; and for the most part have an absolutely ordinary life to the point of being bored to death. I hope you find the above interesting. As for do I believe, absolutely.


Walter Askins



Private Space Companies are in space illegally. End of story.

Sure, why not just believe in aliens right? They could miraculously be out there just like we are here. But are they smarter than us? Have they figured out how to stalk Earth? Well, its hard telling not knowing. But how hard could it be to be smarter than an average American?

I believe in souls… so ghosts must be kind of similar so why not believe in them too…

My story that comes the closest to paranormal would have to be when I was pronounced clinically dead and saw……the ocean…. then the earth getting smaller and smaller as I rose above it….and the space and dark…… I also had the strangest feeling during that experience that just can’t be explained with words.



i do believe in the paranormal


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