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by Tellman Knudson

Here’s the link to The NPOD VIDEO everyone is talking about.


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It’s me again. After this I’ll stop. I can’t remember where I recorded any of the other several paranormal experiences I had. This is definitely one of my favorite:

One day I walk the beach. It is at the beginning of my illness. I have been in bed three months and am very weak. The strength of the ocean appeals to me.

I am unfamiliar with the tides, and get caught in a cove. The route I’ve taken onto that beach is above my head in water and waves crash against jagged rocks and coves.

I think I’ll have to sit and wait for low tide. As I gaze up the cliff behind me, the high-water mark at least 30 feet high catches my eye. The cliff face rises at 90 degrees except for a steep sand dune. The water is waist deep. I clamor up the steep dune, sand flowing into the ocean as fast as I try to climb up. Waves smash across my back, and suck at my feet. The day is cold and overcast, and an arctic current makes the water in this area frigid.

I climb up and slide backward, like walking the wrong way on an escalator. Gradually I gain ground; the tide does also. I am moving up the cliff, but the high point of the waves now dowses my head and face, instead of my back and shoulders.

I am stiff with cold. And becoming confused. Something invites me to stop clawing and scrambling, and to ride the sand into the icy wetness. Something else pounds my heart and repeats “Go-go-go-go-go-go-go.” I retreat into unfeelingness. Surrender. “Either I make it, or I don’t.” The weight of the wet sand in my clothes makes moving impossible. A fishing boat twinkles out in the bay. I wonder if they are aware of my predicament.

Maybe I gain a few inches between each wave. My heart tells me if I am to make it safely over the top of the cliff, it will be because of a power other than my own.

Strangely, I never once call for help. The struggle is using all my breath. The crashing waves seem so loud I don’t imagine that anyone would hear. And unrealistic as it sounds, I have the feeling I am alone, invisible, and no one would pay any attention if they did hear me.

My attempts to progress up the cliff become half-hearted. Instead of pushing to regain the ground I lose with each wave’s retreat, I dig into the sand and hold my breath through the next few crests.

When the first face appears above the edge of the cliff, I can’t think how to respond. The second and third faces yell at me to reach up, reach up! Arms extend, and a knotted beach towel thuds against my wrists.

I get ahold of the knot, but it doesn’t feel like my stiff, icy hands can hold it.

Several hands catch at my hands, and grains of sand bite into my skin as I slip out of their reach.

No surge of hope or joy appears! Even at this point I think it will be the end.

I still hold the knotted towel in both fists. My scalp seems to be wrenched from my head, then my clothes are being pulled almost off my shoulders as I am dragged like a leaded weight onto dry sand.

The day is bleak, I am near collapse; exhausted, chilled to the bone. I stupidly answer I am fine and can get to my car by myself. Even more stupidly, the rescuers walk away without so much as a glance back in my direction.

I watch one of the men walk up the beach, and feel both awe and panic as a few yards away I see him sparkle, then de-materialize! This has been too much for me! I’m losing it! I turn to call to the man and woman who walked the other direction, and as I do, they also sparkle and de-materialize.

I feel alone and invisible, as I had earlier when the ocean waves beckoned and pulled and tugged.

The weight of the sand packed in my clothes drags with me the three torturous miles to the car. Enroute one woman passes me and laughs, “You look like you’ve just wrestled a sea lion.” I stare dumbly at her and she moves briskly past me.

I crawl into my car nauseated and heartsick. Maybe I actually died and this is what it is like?

An hour later at the lighthouse hostel, clean, dry and warm, I come back into reality enough to marvel and wonder at my afternoon. Who were they? Where did they go? How did it happen that they were there at precisely the right moment?

I’ll never know these answers; yet I will also never again feel completely alone.

Do I believe in aliens? Yes, I do.



Hi Tellman,

Thanks for the great video and showing us your results very nice .

To Your Success



Hey Tellman, Wossuup!
Firstly, good for you Lisa…I must be as stoked for you as YOU are…if that’s at all possible!
Secondly, many thanks to you Tellman for the ongoing support and all these little nuggets of information you keep feeding back to your subscribers – H…G…C – the big three right?
Of all the decisions I made when I was looking for a career online, joining one of your progr’s has to be by far the best…I was serving too many masters with so much conflicting information…OVERLOAD! Thank you for refining the SYSTEM!…I was previously oblivious to things such as this.
Thanks again to all involved and kindest regards to your family (you must be besotted with your newest addition lol).
Sleep well and I’ll see you in the trenches,

– J

P.S.- We miss Josh’s mayhem (the fire eating, chilli eating and the like…you know what I mean lol). Everyone has a friend like Josh at some point…and if they don’t…they don’t know what they’re missing!


jim nelson

still need help



Hey Tellman…
Thanks for giving a peek behind the curtain. It’s cool to see what the Wizard can do. ;^) I thought sharing the vid the way you did was a good use of resources and it was nice of Lisa too. I would like to see more videos like this behind the scene content…Kudos!


Richard Sanderson

Hi Tellman,

I was listening to your video, and was wondering if that response to11-11-11, wasn’t a result of all the advertising on television. I noticed that they put that time in their advertising, to relate that “The Immortals” was going to be released to the theaters on that day. You must admit they did a awful lot of advertising for that film. As a matter of fact it was the top earner that weekend drawing in $32,000,000,00 the first weekend. So it probably wouldn’t hurt to check that end of the headline out, by comparing it with a movie that is advertised frequently. Even something that is on TV regularly that has a catch phrase to it.

Just a thought that cleared the cobwebs in my brain.

Richard Sanderson


Lia Mari

Is it me again or is this video broken? I’m Jonesing for some secret experiment results dude!



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What happened at Sir Richard’s Island, when you got caught jogging in the middle of that storm and now with this 11:11 11-11-11 plus our Colombian soccer team made their first goal against the Venezuela team at the minute 11 of the game and then they even up the score 11 minutes before the game was over, when did we get to the twilight zone? lol, all this is amazing including this wonderful video, this is like salsa in your soup, Thank you Mr. Tellman, you are like a glass of water in the middle of the desert.



Tellman, Your one of the best at one you do, I know this is one of your best.


Ellen Owens

Tellman, the experiment was a touch of genius. Don’t feel too bad about jerks that try to make you look bad, they are actually envious of you and had they made as much money online as you do, it would not have been said. I have never bought a thing from you, but you are one of my greatest most inspiring entrepreneurs hands down! Thanks and God bless.


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