Seth Godin on the tribes we lead

by Tellman Knudson

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Ready to lead the tribe that’s waiting desperately for you to show up? – This video will help you take the next step.

And if you loved this video, you’ll love The Weird Interview I did with Seth Godin a few days ago even more.

Answer these questions in the comments below:

1. Who exactly are you upsetting?

2. Who are you connecting?

3. Who are you leading?


P.S. In this brand-new presentation, I talk in depth about how to find that tribe that’s waiting for you.
You’re gonna love it.

If You're Unstoppable:


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Lia Mari

I am eternally grateful. Thank you Tellman for sharing this video, and thank you Seth Godin for this speech. I can’t thank you enough.

I will follow the other links you have given. Thank you so very much.

Love in Light,
[I tried to share, but it wouldn’t let me, go figure!]


Robert Davidson of

still building,but doors will open soon.God Bless you all!


Ellen Owens

Loved Seth’s presentation. It got me to thinking about a secret I’ve been hiding for 56 years. I don’t have any money, so I don’t know how to start a movement. About those 3 questions: Who exactly are you upsetting? Since incest is a taboo subject, a whole lot of people on both sides of the fence are going to be upset. Who are you connecting? The victims, the perpetrators, the hearts and minds of all who even care about this “secret” and what it does to the family on any continent around the world. Who are you leading? I want to lead others to open up and share, to know you are not alone. I really do CARE. Thanks and God bless.


LC Fredricks

I really enjoyed this presentation from Seth!


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