Generating Leads Is the Place to Start

by Pat_Marcello

I’ve worked for Overcome Everything nigh on four years now. Actually, it will be four years next month. Had you asked me what I’d be doing at this age, twenty years ago, I’d have said that I’d be president of some bank somewhere, but that’s not how my life turned out. It’s kind of funny, really. I went from banker to mom to antiques and collectibles dealer to book author to this. And you know? I totally love waking up every day! I work hard and have a ton of fun doing it.

And, listen, I am proof positive that you CAN reinvent yourself many times over, and so, if you’re just starting out with Internet marketing, I can tell you that becoming what you want to become is all within you, and it starts with generating leads.

That may sound silly because there is so much to learn, but here’s what I do. I start from scratch and work my way up with things.

At the bank, I started as a teller. You all know how I started with becoming a mom, so we won’t go there, but I had to learn about antiques and collectibles before I could sell them, and I had to learn to write before I became a professional writer. (Trust me, that’s way more than just sitting down with paper and pen or in front of a keyboard.)

With Overcome Everything, I started out learning SEO. Then, I became an article writer. Then, I was the content manager, the ListBuilding Club manager, and now, I’m the manager of product development. Everything, and I don’t care what it is that you do, is a steady progression from novice to expert. You start out knowing nothing or a little, and come away knowing more all the time as your online presence and business grows.

When it comes to Internet marketing, Tellman taught me this, even before he knew my name:

When you start as an Internet marketer, you start with generating leads. That’s it! That’s what it’s all about. If you aren’t generating leads, and building a list of people that will come to know like and trust you because of the great information you provide for them, well…

Your online business just won’t work.

So.. you need to send email and make money. That’s how the big boys and girls do it.

Send email; make money.

Send email; make money.

Starting generating leads, and follow the simple plan that Overcome Everything lays out for you, and you’ll be earning money from your list every month just like I do, and just like Tellman does. It’s pretty cool.

Yeah, yeah, I’m still working on earning as much as Tellman, but I’m generating leads daily and you need to be generating leads, too.

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