Editing Your Buy Now Buttons on 1ShoppingCart Upsells

by Victor_Grosser

I enjoy sharing tweaks I’ve figured out in 1shoppingcart. There are a bunch of simple things you can do to immediately make yourself more money.

I’m especially excited about 1shop’s Upsell Express feature and what it’s capable of. Today I want to talk about the Yes/No buy buttons used on upsell offers. In their simplest form these buttons allow a customer who is in your upsell flow to say “yes I want this product, add it to my order” or “no I don’t want this, do not add it to my order” But there is so much more to buy now buttons than that.

Copywriters spend massive amounts of time fine tuning yes/no buttons and links and calls to action to notch up conversion as much as possible. The tough part for me as a webmaster is to take what the Overcome Everything copy department creates and put it up on live webpages so it looks and works the same as they envisioned.

Easier said than done, but… 100% possible when you know what to do. Now focusing on the buy now buttons in an upsell sales letter- 1shoppingcart provides us with perfectly functional default buy now buttons. They look like this:

1shoppingcart default buy buttons

These will work fine, but wouldn’t you like to use your own button images like this?

Sure you would! Here is how- you won’t be able to put your buy now buttons on your own secure server and simply link to them in the 1shop buy now button code. You’ll have to upload them to your media library in 1shop and then link to them there. This is easy. Your media library in 1shop is located under “setup” and then “media library”.

Click on that and then select “upload”. Once you are finished uploading your buttons you will be able to click on and preview them in your media library. This will also give you a secure 1shop link to where they are located. This is what you are after.

Simply grab that link and replace the default link in your 1shop buy now button code. It will look like this in the default form: [1sc:ButtonYes src=”/securecart/images/default_yes_button.gif” /]

You want to change the the portion of the link referencing the image location. It will look similar to this
[1sc:ButtonYes src=”https://www.mcssl.com/content/12345/yourbutton-buy.jpg” /]

This will now allow the 1shop upsell page to properly display your custom buy now button image.

Now what about the decline button? You will find that 1shop does not allow plain text to be used on a decline button (or an accept button). It has to be an image. I ran into this issue myself, and discovered a quick and easy way to get around it is to take an actual screenshot of the declined text the copywriter sent you. For example:

Simply upload that screenshot image to your media library and link to the image in your 1shop decline purchase button code. It will look like the hyperlinked text on your upsell sales letter, but it will actually be an image. Works great! Hope you found these suggestions helpful today, and I’d love to hear about any similar work arounds you have found.

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