Selling Information Products Online: The 7 “S’s” You Must Have In Place

by Kyle Battis

Selling products on the good old ‘inter web’ is one of the best ways to make money online and I am a huge fan. With a bit of market research and some time in your word processing program you can be well on your way to having your very own high profit info product to sell. But before you can sell your product and start making money, there are a few things you’ll need to be an effective infoproduct seller.

1. SITE.

Although you could definitely try to sell a product without a website, you wouldn’t get very far. Your website and domain name will give your product a home online. Working without a website is just an exercise in futility. Try to find a domain that represents your product or is your product name exactly. My colleague Brian Edmondson has a great video on how to pick a good name inside the Listbuilding Club…


To be successful, you need a sales letter on your webpage and a link to your payment processor…and that’s it! Don’t link to other websites or show paid advertising on your product’s website. (that’s one of the biggest mistakes I see newbies make- they have too many random marketing messages and their sales letters are “leaky”). A good direct response sales letter will catch the attention of the visitors and convince them why they need to purchase your product. Read up on creating winning sales letters or have one created by a master copywriter for maximum success. A great, super cheap book you can get that will give you a basic copywriting education is Dan Kennedy’s “Ultimate Sales Letter” and you can probably pick it up on for the cost of a cup of coffee.


You don’t really need to have super duper graphics but in some instances header graphics do out convert sites with no graphics. You’d be surprised how far a few quality graphics can get you when it comes to selling online. People are very visually oriented. If your site looks drab and boring, your website visitors will click away pretty quickly. You can find headers and ecover graphics for anywhere from $50 to $500 depending on the experience of the designer.


Information products are delivered as PDF files. They are easy to read but they can’t be edited so the content of your product will stay intact. You can purchase Adobe Acrobat or use a free PDF creator to change your Word document into an easy to read file. I use a cheap $20 program called that allows me to convert Word Docs to PDF documents.


You can’t sell products without a payment processor. Lots of people use Paypal, but there are other options as well like Google Checkout,, or even Before you start driving traffic to your sales letter, make sure your payment system is working right. Buy a copy of your own product to be sure that the payment processor is working correctly. This way you can be sure that your visitors are able to buy. I did this process using with the product I created.


Although not every information product has a high enough price point to support an affiliate program, you should certainly move toward writing products that will attract affiliates. With affiliate marketing, you can have master marketers driving traffic to your website and creating sales for you. Its pretty cool to have an army of affiliates telling everyone how cool your stuff is…


Successful infoproduct creators know that once they create the product and build the website they have to drive traffic to the sales page. If you start out with a complete strategy of marketing your website, you’ll be able to put it into place as soon as your website is ready to go. Article marketing campaigns, joint ventures and pay per click advertising can all be part of your strategy. The Listbuilding Club shows you step by step instructions on how to implement all kinds of traffic driving methods.

By combining these essentials with your winning product, you’ll have a formula for bringing money through infoproducts.

To your success,

Kyle Battis
Marketing Manager
Overcome Everything, Inc

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