How To Work Less And Be Happier

by Victor_Grosser

A wise man once said “It’s better for me to be excited about life, lying on the beach drinking beer, than to be stuck somewhere I don’t want to be thinking wistfully about the beach” Often overlooked, usually pushed to the end of the priority list. And yet it’s one of the easiest most essential things you could possibly do for yourself. It goes by many names-

-Beach Day
-Date Night
-Bachelor Parties
-Shark Baiting Classes

It is the act of exposing yourself to new experiences, new people, unusual situations, new places, all to help reset your brain. Doing so will allow you to effectively access your inspirational and creative side. Much like restarting your computer, your internal operating system needs a reboot from time to time.

You already know this to be true.

Ever come back from a holiday weekend or from vacation and feel amazing and excited about life? Often your whole perspective and attitude will shift, even though nothing changed materially in your “normal” world. Yet you are a different person, now thriving where before you were wasting away. This is why we often cannot remember someone’s name when asked directly. It’s infuriating because we can totally picture their face, how we met them and where they live but their name escapes us.

The brain provides nothing but the infamous blue screen of death at that moment. But later on, when doing something totally unrelated the name will inexplicably pop into our minds. Take the pressure off, give the mind something engaging to work on and it will relax and allow the creative inspiring side to take over.

Tellman is doing this right now.

He’s on Necker Island with Richard Branson and many other very smart and successful people. Oh yes, he’s having a blast, but he’s also getting a heavy duty brain reset. There are people who always ask how he can run his company and still take time to do what on the surface appears to be pure fun. Simple. Tellman realizes that he’ll be far more inspired, productive and creative when he goes back to snowy Vermont after spending over a week in the Caribbean. He truly recognizes the inspirational value of new experiences and new faces.

When you work too hard you hurt your own progress! It’s important to make a habit of re-charging in our own lives instead of being in continual brain drain mode. First, a common misconception. Most people associate change, new experiences and new environments on a large geographic scale. Somehow going to Mongolia to ride a Yak seems to carry a greater benefit than staying on your own continent.

I see this all the time- “Oh, I have to save all this money, and take a month off so I can go to Russia and do keg stands, they do it better than Americans” And the far flung plan never comes to fruition because they’ve taken too big a bite and can’t chew it. The point of inspiration and rejuvenation is to make it easy, to relax and let your mind fall into the chill out mode. You can always work up to the far away destinations later, for now consider some options closer to home, experiences that will allow MORE time to chill and LESS time sitting on an plane eating stone age peanuts and fighting over the armrest.

There is a recently coined word called “Staycation” This is a vacation in every sense of the word, but it’s close to home. It’s surprisingly easy to become blind to the possibilities that exist right outside our door. This is why going to a new place inspires and invigorates us so much. The blinders come off and you begin to notice the sun is out and the grass is green. The wonderful thing is, no matter where you live there are brand new, exciting experiences and places within a few hours reach. If cities are your thing, anyone on the West Coast can fly to Las Vegas in a few hours, and it doesn’t cost much.

So you have options, what is the best one? Have you ever been so excited about what you were doing that you lost track of time. You just didn’t care, never looked at a clock, never even thought about the time. Then suddenly the sun was going down and it was getting dark and cooling off. This is a common experience for cavers. In an alien environment surrounded by complete darkness your sense of time becomes warped. One hour becomes six. Six hours become one, and it all blurs together. Caving isn’t for everyone, but it is an amazing way to reset your brain and fully engage your senses.

Just remember, when you are planning your re-charge try to do things that fully engage you. This is by far the best way for you to get the rest and inspiration you need. There will be roadblocks, here’s how to handle them: Scheduling is critical when you are planning downtime for yourself. I’ll use Tellman as an example here. Tellman loves his business, he loves his fans and customers and if you let him he’ll work 8 days a week. Not long ago Tellman joined an entrepreneur coaching program with the people over at Strategic Coach.

His week is now divided into different days. On certain days all he does is work. Then there are what’s called Free Days. On Free Days Tellman isn’t allowed to do anything work related. No phone calls, no email. It’s strictly a relaxation day. He’ll often hang out with his family, take his son Torger places and generally chill out. When Tellman started doing Free Days he hated them.

It was incredibly hard for him to step away from work and focus on recharging himself. Of course he realizes the value of his free days but it’s important to expect that taking time for yourself isn’t easy. If you aren’t getting enough time to reset your brain it’s time to take things to the next level. We want to know the things you discover that allow you to get your down time. Let us know in a comment below!

-Victor Grosser
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