Want More Time To Work On Your Online Business? Try These Tactics:

by Lindsey Meehan

It’s not about how much time you think you have in the day, it’s about how you train your mind to see opportunities.

Let me tell you a short story to show you what I mean.
On Sunday, I went to bed around 10:00. I try to get to bed early on Sundays, since we have a meeting that starts at 6AM on Monday mornings (I’m in a different time zone than most of the company). My husband wasn’t feeling great when we went to bed, but I figured he’d be better in the morning. Not so… about an hour later, I awoke to sounds of misery from the bathroom. He’d come down with the worst flu of his life.

You don’t want the nasty details of this horrible flu, but let’s just say I spent the next 5 hours up, debating if we should go to the emergency room or not. As I sat there, unable to do anything to make the situation better but afraid to leave him alone and go back to sleep, I started to think sadly about how tired I was going to be the next morning.

Then I caught myself. What was I doing putting a negative spin on this situation? I went and got my computer, and sat down to work. I got through all my emails from the weekend, and did a bunch of work on some spreadsheets. I got a lot done in the wee hours of the morning! And it was all because I seized the situation as an opportunity, rather than sitting moping about having to be up at that time of night, etc.

Think about how you spend your time. Isn’t there anywhere you could take an hour from something less than productive to work on starting your online business?

What about the time you spend watching TV at night? Or surfing the web? Wouldn’t it be worth it to sacrifice some of that time towards building a better future for yourself? Could you start going through an educational course while you eat breakfast in the morning? What about keeping a good online business book in your car so if you get to an appointment early you can grab a few minutes of reading.

And if you ever have to stay up most of the night with a sick relative or friend, by all means… use that time to get something done!

Try to look for opportunities everywhere you go. Don’t pay any attention to the obstacles. You’ll have your online business up and running sooner than you think!

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