The Newest Tool In The Lead Generation Arsenal- Orange Cowboy Hats.

by Victor_Grosser

There is a sea of people in front of you all jumping around waving their arms and demanding your attention. They use big words, wear ties and have perfectly shined shoes.

They appear to have all been squeezed out of the same tube.

Then you notice someone different. A guy who looks like a modern day Jesus wearing a BIG orange cowboy hat.

That’s Tellman CEO and Big Chief of Overcome Everything Inc.

You think to yourself that you might listen to this guy for a moment. The rest of the crowd dissipates and the two of you are left standing alone talking.
In the next few minutes you learn that Tellman is a wealth of knowledge. He has his own company, makes millions and can tell you how to get started building an online business. It’s interesting to note that everyone in the now gone crowd had similar credentials to Tellman, and could have taught you many of the same things.

So why are you talking to Tellman and not them?

Because he reached out and grabbed your attention in a completely different way. You smile to yourself and think you kinda like this eccentric reincarnation of Jesus without the sandals. Oddly enough he’s barefoot.
You write down your name and email and hand them to Tellman so he can send you more information and help you get going online.

Click. (light bulb in brain goes on)

What just happened here? You became a lead. An excited interested lead at that. The best kind! And all because Tellman was able to reach out in the midst of the noise and shouting and say “Hey, listen to ME”. Pretty simple concept really. Streakers do this all the time at sporting events, except nobody is giving them their name and email. (Understandably) Well maybe a few people are, but I digress.

We all have to attract attention if we want to maximize our own lead generation numbers. Make yourself noticed. Don’t go and make promotional videos wearing nothing but a rubber chicken though. That might not reflect so professionally on you or your company, but having a talking chicken that chain smokes cigarettes as your icon might work wonders if you are selling smoked chicken jerky and want to grow your lead database.

The insurance company Geico does this with their Gecko. He’s in almost all the commercials, billboards etc. People associate the Geico Gecko with a cool chilled out insurance company. I’ve heard many people buy insurance from Geico simply because they “like the adorable little lizard”. Sounds silly I know, but it gets them additional customers for their company. Can’t argue with that.

And now when you think of orange cowboy hats,  I bet you’ll remember Tellman 🙂

We’d be really interested to see/hear about how other people are branding themselves and their companies and alternate techniques you all are using to grab attention and generate leads. Post a comment with a link or something so we can see.

P.S. I keep meaning to suggest to Tellman that he get himself an orange Segway to match his hat, with a stuffed animal horse head on the front. Like the figurehead on a ship. That would be amazing to see at seminars dontcha think?

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