Your 1shoppingcart Kindergarten class for today

by Victor_Grosser

Today I want to help you out by showing you a setting I found useful while using 1shoppingcart’s new Upsell Express tool.

Upsell Express is simply a 1click upsell tool inside the 1shoppingcart system. It allows a merchant to offer their customers additional products after their front end purchase. The customer makes a simple yes or no decision if they want the upsell product or not. It’s a highly effective way to increase sales. If you are not familiar with the concept I’d recommend learning a bit about it. It’s a very powerful tool!

Are you worried I might be a monkey who is chain smoking cigarettes behind a flickering monitor in a basement somewhere in the south pacific? No worries, I’m not- my name is Victor Grosser and I work for Tellman Knudson and his company Overcome Everything Inc. in the technical (tech) department. I’ve worked here nearly three years and during that time I’ve either built or had a hand in building nearly all our sales systems.

We use 1shoppingcart for many of our promotions and as a result I’ve gotten very familiar with how to quickly put together sales systems in 1shop, including upsell sequences.

If you use 1shopppingcart in your business than you are probably either using Upsell Express or are familiar with it.

This issue I’m writing about today will sound kindergarten simple, but when I was banging my head on the wall and calling 1shop support trying to figure it out, it didn’t seem easy at all!

When you are creating upsell offers in Upsell Express under the “Offer Settings” tab you’ll see two radio buttons near the bottom. They are called “Use Cart Look And Feel” and “Full HTML Page”. When you set up an offer 1shop defaults to the “Use Cart Look And Feel” radio button. This may be fine in some instances. However what was happening for us is we were unable to get out pages looking right.

The cart look and feel would cause things to appear off center, changed image spacing in relation to copy and generally frustrated the OE copywriters because the pages were not looking the way they had written them.

After spending a bunch of time playing with the html formatting of the page and trying to get it looking right (and failing) I finally tried selecting the “Full HTML Page” radio button and bingo, that fixed the problem. Sounds simple right? Most fixes are, the hard part is the diagnosis. Here’s a screenshot of the setting in question: 1shoppingcart upsell express settings

The thing is those buttons are easy to miss at the bottom of the page, but they make all the difference in the world.
The next time you are putting together or editing your Upsell Flow in 1shoppingcart give this simple setting a try and see how you like it.

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