10 Ways You Can Be Generating Leads Today

by Pat_Marcello

targeted traffic for generating leadsGenerating leads isn’t as hard as some folks make it out to be. What really cracks me up is when people just don’t see the value of having a list and tout it proudly.  Those people are doomed. If you don’t have a list, you know what you have? Bupkiss. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

But you must realize that there are right ways to be generating leads and wrong ways. An example of a right way to do it is by setting up a squeeze page and sending traffic to it. A wrong way to do it is… to direct message everyone that follows you on Twitter, and send them to your squeeze page. That makes me crazy! I can’t see my private DMs for all the trash that’s in my DM box.

Just stop thanking me for following you, OK?  I appreciate the thought, but well… it’s a bother, people! Turn that automatic reply crap off! I never look at it, to be perfectly honest. And now, nobody can get me via Twitter unless they send me an @PatMarcello message. I see those at least. 🙂 But I’ll get off my Twitter rant now, and get to the good stuff…

Here are 10 right ways you can be generating leads today:

1. Use Twitter to bond with the people in your niche. Go to Mr. Tweet.com and type in a keyword for your niche. Follow the people that show up, and many of them will follow you back. Then, join in the conversations. Make friends.  Twitter is all about bonding, not marketing, and you can still be generating leads just by being social. It’s cool!

2. Get on over to Facebook and make friends with the people in your niche there. Join groups that are relevant, too. You can also be generating leads directly from a Facebook page that you set up for your business. Just add an optin form there, and drive people to it from your updates page.

3. Write an article for an article directory and in your author’s resource box, send people to your squeeze page.  Easy peasy. If you hate to write, talk it into a recorder, and transcribe what you said. Or, get a PLR article and REWRITE it. Never try to use those “as-is.” Or, pay someone to write an article for you. Lots of ways to do that.

4.  Write a new blog post, and send your Twitter and Facebook friends to it. Of course, you have an optin box on your blog to be generating leads from all of your readers. Right? No? Get one into a widget right now! Or, add an optin pop-up or pop-under.

5. Place a classified ad in one of the ad sites online. You can use Craig’sList, U. S. Free Ads, or any other PPC site that makes sense. Be sure it gets enough traffic to matter.

6. Exchange banners with someone in your niche or in a banner exchange that targets the traffic. Be sure that the banner links to your squeeze page.

7. Do an ad swap with someone who has a similar list size to yours. This is a great way to be generating leads because it’s someone else sending your messages to their list, which already knows, likes, and trusts them and are more apt to accept their recommendations.

8. Be generating leads through pay-per-click advertising. Google AdWords can be expensive, but they aren’t the only game in town. Try Yahoo, Ad Brite, or Chitika.

9. Put a low-cost special offer on eBay, and send people to your squeeze page where they opt in to get it.

10. Place an ad in an Ezine in your niche. This is a great targeted way to be generating leads for your business, and they don’t cost a fortune. Charlie Page’s Directory of Ezines is a great way to find ezines that are perfect for advertising to your niche.

These are just a few ways that you can be generating leads for your business. Remember that you never want to drive people directly to your offer or sales page. You should always, always, always be sending folks to that squeeze page and that’s direct Tellman info. I never made a dime online, until I started listening to him.  He’s like, “How big is your list,” when I first joined his coaching program. I’m like, “A couple of hundred people.”  Hear his voice: “What!?!?!??! Ack! You better get one building right now!”

I did. I make money every month. Listen to the Tellmanator. He knows whereof he speaketh, and I say this a lot, “He changed my life.” And I mean it every time I say it, too. If you want his advice to change yours… you know what to do.

Remember, the rule of thumb is (and it’s been proven at OE, for sure) you will earn $1 for every person on your list. So, the value of a subscriber is far more than just a one-time sale. Never forget that, and never stop building your list.

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