Redirection: Keep Your Lead Generation Campaigns Running

by Pat_Marcello

redirection for lead generation campaign security

If you’ve been to this site in the past year or so, you probably saw a collection of employees’ blogs that are now gone. We’re sorry we had to do that, but well… most folks were too busy to blog. So, we started this one instead, and all of us are posting to this same blog. It works out great for several reasons.

After we have some punch here, I’ll be submitting to Google News and see if we can’t get our feed into there. I tried it with my blog, but well… they only accept blogs with multiple authors. Bingo! That should certainly boost our lead generation campaigns and our efforts at getting massive traffic.

The second reason is because… there will always be new content, every day of the week.  So, you can subscribe to our feed and our list and be getting great new stuff from Overcome Everything every single day.

But the reason I’m writing this post is to teach you something new. With all the blogs that were going in the past, we’re now sporting a ton of 404 pages (nothing lives there, people… move on), which pisses Google off. I mean, it really doesn’t hurt your rankings or your page rank (or so they say), but why does Google give you an entire list of pages that it can’t crawl if they don’t care? They like to keep their robots humming along and 404s just stop them cold.

So, today, I added a plugin to this blog that solves the problem, and it’s really easy to use. Plus, for those of us that had substantial effort in those blogs, we’re not losing readers, and OE is maintaining their lead generation campaigns in tact. People aren’t coming to the pages and thinking we’ve flown off into the night. Nah… never happen.

The plugin is called “Redirection,” and it allows you to enter the bad URLs on your site (which you can learn all about at Google Webmaster Tools, and if you don’t have a free account there… get one) and redirect them to the appropriate places. That way, the spiders are humming and you’re good to go.

You can redirect permanently (a 301 redirect) to a found location on the same site (302 redirect) or temporarily (307 redirect).  It works great! And with the decline in “not found” pages, you can hum along with your lead generation campaigns fully capable of building your list and making money. Ta-da!

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