Crowd Sourcing Project Update

by Pat_Marcello

Crowd Sourcing teamThings are really cranking over at our Ning site, which we set up with people who bought Fund the Run a few months back. You may have read my post from last week (Permission Based Email Marketing and a Groundbreaking Experiment, June 8, 2010). If not, check out the story to see what I’m talking about here.

We have 96 people registered in that hub, and here’s where the 80/20 rule really came into play. Of those 96, only about 10 are doing anything.  That’s more like a 96/10 rule, which is not good. In defense of the folks who aren’t involved, though, it was our fault. We sold the product back in April, and then well… the ball was kind of dropped and people just lost interest.  But if any of you are reading this post and remember that you’re part of the Hub, I took over with the action last month and we’re going strong! Come on over and get involved! Crowd sourcing is amazing and we’re making a product about setting up a permission- based email marketing business online with zero cash.

I’ve got people writing articles, making videos, and writing sales materials. All of it is really good! I won’t kid you, I’ve made some edits, and since I want to keep the look and feel “OE,” I’ve taken one of the articles and torn it completely apart. I’m not sure how the writer will react, but the article I got had information that wasn’t quite right on. So, this is someone new to Internet marketing, and that’s cool.

The other issue is keeping the “tone” of the product consistent. Some folks write very formally, but the Internet is conversational. Everything needs to be “you, your, yours,” and as if you’re “talking to a friend.” It’s no different with permission-based email marketing, really. When you’re writing emails, who are you writing them to, right? Your friends. I have a core group in my list that I totally consider friends and who have been with me for years. I care about them, and so when I email them, I’m sending good stuff only, right? Good products. Good information. Like that. So, we want to keep our product that way, too. It’s all about giving our “friends” the best possible information.

Anyway, I’m really loving working with these crowd sourcing folks. They’re energized and excited about getting this deal off the ground. The only issue is that it’s unwieldy — to work with 10 complete strangers that are also strangers to one another. But when you think about it, it’s pretty cool! Crowd Sourcing could be a new way to get things done on a regular basis, if we pull this off, and I every reason to believe that we will!

The fun part is that we have people on several different levels of experience. One guy, Dan Stanley, is writing copy for us, and he’s highly experienced. He was a Black Diamond Mastermind member in the ListBuilding Club, and he’s doing some awesome work.

Another member of the team is Daniela Testolini, and she’s a professional when it comes to video. She’s making them all! I really thought I’d have to do that part, but she’s amazing! I’m really excited about those, too. Dennis Shanley is helping her by doing some of the legwork in getting the presentations done.

Glenna Garcia has also been great about writing articles. She’s done a whole series on social marketing, and it’s great. I’m working on adding screen shots and making these articles really be step-by-step, but her basic instruction is very good. The funny part here is that Glenna did a bunch of client support for a good while, and I didn’t even realize it was the same Glenna! Duh. It’s great to be working with her again.

Bernie Meyer did a good article on article marketing and his native tongue isn’t even English!  Yet he still came up with a solid article, and I was appropriately  impressed.  I can’t imagine writing an article in anything but English, so he’s way ahead of me. 🙂

And then, we have our volunteer proofreaders and it’s just amazing. I have to admit. When Tellman first told me about crowd sourcing he was so excited. He does that. He learns about something new and then, his enthusiasm is just electric.  Yet, I wondered how difficult it would be to make crowd sourcing work. Hmm… Finding out first hand here.

What I’ve learned:

  1. When people are enthusiastic about something, that’s the time to move.
  2. When it comes down to doing the work, most people will hide.
  3. When you find good folks, who have a good work ethic, and produce… you take care of them.

And finally, when you have a good team and a good product to create, have fun doing it.  Believe me, I am. In fact, this is some of the best fun I’ve had while working online. Watch this blog for updates. Maybe crowd sourcing can work for you, too.

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