List Generation with Articles

by Pat_Marcello

article marketing for list generationEveryone knows that list generation is the main objective, right? Well… how do you get traffic to your pages to be building your list?

One of the most powerful strategies to help traffic and list generation is article marketing. In case you’re new with OE, I started as Tellman’s article person. I did nothing but write articles every day for about a year, but at the end of six months, we had managed to reach #1 in Google, Yahoo, and MSN (now Bing) at the same time for our main keyword. That was sweet, and though I started doing other things about three years ago, we still rank on page one. Three years ago! I mean, that’s powerful.

So, people who know my background with OE often ask me, “Pat, what are the best article sites on the Web?” There are definitely some in the forefront, in my opinion.

You can’t go wrong posting to They run a tight ship, the content has to be quality or their editors don’t take it and everyone knows EZA. It’s got tons of traffic coming to it every single day. That’s my #1 place, for sure. is good because they still allow you to add anchor text to your articles. (Hyperlinked keyword phrases.) This is great for SEO, and provides reputation for your site. The worst thing you can do is to link “Click Here,” as it gives you little SEO benefit at all. But having an anchor text link (as you see above with “list generation”) from a good site is worth the effort of submitting at all. is making its way to the top. The site now sports a PR6 and an Alexa of 377. Very strong. (Lower is better with So, adding articles here is also a good idea.

But also think about social content sites like Squidoo,, and, which are all great sites to submit your content pieces.

Don’t bother submitting to any site that has a high Alexa, say over 100,000. That’s pretty much a waste of time because those directories/sites get little traffic. Stick to submitting to places where people will see your stuff and click on your link to come to your website. Then, you should see an uptick in your list generation efforts, as well… as long as you’re sending traffic to your squeeze page.

Keep an eye on which sites are rising in popularity and which sites are waning. Things change over time, and you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket and then, have the basket fall apart.

Article marketing is still extremely powerful. Using it for SEO purposes as well as list generation is critical, and the cool thing about it is that your articles will stay online, bringing traffic and boosting your reputation and SEO forever.

If you don’t like to write, get someone to do it for you. Just don’t underpay. Sure, you can get folks with little command of the language to write for $1, but the articles won’t be much good. You want someone who understands your niche and who can write in your language. The going rate for a good article? About $10 – 15 at least. If you want a solid SEO article, you may have to pay around $15 – 20. But it’s worth it to have an article that will keep your reputation strong. Put a bunch of garbage out there and you know what they say…

Garbage in; garbage out. Not very helpful to your online success. You want to build your reputation as an expert in your niche. Nobody will buy it if you’re putting out poorly written articles that make no sense.

For that reason, also stay away from article spinners, unless you review the articles and make proper changes to them before submitting. Don’t just let a site or software spin articles and pop ‘em out there. You’ll hate the results. Most spinners don’t work, but there are a few that might and they require rewriting of your article paragraph by paragraph or sentence by sentence. Those work pretty well, but you’ll still have to review every article that the spinner spits out. Yet, it’s still easier than writing 100 articles, if each spun article comes out more than 60% unique.

Unless you plan to do nothing else, my advice is to write or buy two good, solid content pieces a week and submit them to one of the sites I mentioned above, and you’ll still achieve excellent results over time. Not only that but when people come to know, like and trust you, your list generation efforts will soar!

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