3 Best Sales Lead Generator Techniques for Beginners

by Sarah Knudson

If you are fairly new to the Internet business scene and you’re trying to get your business cranking, than my guess is that you are feeling pretty overwhelmed.  I bet that you are in complete information overload and you may have started wondering if you head was just going to completely come unscrewed from your shoulders.  However, through all of this chaos, you know one very important thing.  You know that you need to dedicate a portion of each day to driving traffic and building up your knowledge of at least one, sales lead generator.

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But…are you having trouble figuring out which sales lead generator technique to use? Are you wondering which will deliver the best results?  Which is the easiest to learn?

Here is some good news.  I will clear the fog about the sales lead generator conundrum and point you in the right direction. So, sit back, relax and find out the 3 Best Sales Lead Generator Techniques to use for Beginners:

Sales Lead Generator #1: Social Media

Social Media sites, like Twitter and Facebook are places not only reserved for family and friends. Albeit it is a fantastic place to reconnect and stay connected to those that you love, social media sites can all be a super sales lead generator!  I suggest choosing the site that you are most familiar with (this helps reduce your learning curve as well as help keep your head screwed on) and open a new profile for your business.  TIP: Don’t make this profile about you; it needs to be about your business

Sales Lead Generator #2: Blogging

Blogging is an easy and effective sales lead generator.  Within minutes, you can set up a free WordPress blog and have your first post published.  Blogs are an informal tool and are used to connect with your audiance.  Tip: Blog posts should  be at least 300 words in length and should use your keyword approximately 1 time per paragraph.

Sales Lead Generator #3: Article Submission

Another great tool to drive leads to your squeeze page is article submission.  All you have to do is write a content-rich article and submit it to an article directory (like EZine Articles) to have it published.  Articles are more formal than blogs and they help to establish you as an expert.  Although there are many different opinions, I suggest that your articles are 400-700 words in length and have a 2% keyword density rate.  Tip: Remember to include your keyword in the title!

Have fun experimenting with these sales lead generator techniques!

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