List Generation and Social Media

by Pat_Marcello

social mediaI LOVE social media! It works great for list generation and marketing purposes, but for years I’ve known the real secret… it’s just plain fun!

And that’s a problem. It can be so much fun that it can distract you from other things that just have to be done. So, my remedy is simple.

If you’re a Tweeter or a Facebook maven or master, schedule in time just to be present. It can be as long as an hour a day or as short as an hour a week. Just be sure that you maintain a regular presence.

Chat with friends. Give them awesome information and just kind of hang out. That’s what social media is all about. It’s NOT about… marketing, it’s about NETWORKING.  So, never blast your friends with offers. Not only is it annoying to them, it’s downright rude and it could get you booted from the service. Facebook takes a dim view of people sending marketing offers to their friends.

You need to bond with the folks in your niche and that’s where list generation enters the picture. They’ll see you as expert in your niche and guess what? They join your list.

But if you’re like me, you have absolute ZERO time. I’m really meaning that. ZERO. So, here’s what I do… I automate my Tweets and my Facebook updates and you can, too.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Go to and set up and account.
  2. Choose at least a few blogs in your niche that update regularly and have really cool information… stuff you read yourself.
  3. Go to and set up an account. (Both services are free, by the way.)
  4. Plug your Yahoo Pipes feed into TwitterFeed
  5. Get the application “Twitter” at Facebook and have all your Tweets sent to Facebook, too.

This takes all the pain of participation right out of your day. And the cool thing is that people love it! They retweet your stuff and think you’re a genius. Well… I am, but that’s beside the point. J Kidding. I’m really not. Just learn stuff along the way and love to pass it along.

Helping other folks is what it’s about ultimately. Just doing that alone helps tremendously with list generation efforts. Folks like what you have to teach them and zing! They join your list.

That’s not to say that I don’t spend time on social sites because I do. It is really important to make friends with folks and to generally participate in the fun. But next time you’re worried about how much time you’re wasting, take my advice and spark things up! Oh, and get that list generation mojo working, too! It’s all fun and it’s all good.

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Shere end Enjoy,
Hoje foi muito proveitoso. Aprendi muito… Só este texto sobre mídia social já valia… ;eu só fiz Huummmm,Alguém disse o que eu precisava confirmar de longo tempo. às vezes me dava ansiedade por achar que estava perdendo tempo, que eu devia estar lendo os e-mails , seria mais proveitoso. E não é bem assim…
Eu sempre amo vocês



Hi Luiza,

I just translated your message and I’m glad that the social content helped you. Here’s the Portuguese that Google gave me. I hope it’s right: 🙂

Acabei de traduzir a sua mensagem e estou feliz que o conteúdo social ajudaram.

– Pat


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