Avoiding Distractions

by Kyle Battis

Avoiding destractionsThere’s one thing that comes up over and over again, but it’s many List Building Club members and anybody new to Internet marketing – it’s the topic of Avoiding Distractions.  If you don’t avoid distractions, they will absolutely kill your progress, destroy your productivity, and prevent you from making money online (or anything else productive for that matter).  The key thing with this is to really focus on what it is you want in life and your business, get focused on it with laser-like precision, block out the distractions, and hit the Big Targets that will move you forward towards your goals and dreams.

Getting Clear

So my friend, let me ask you; What are the outcomes that you really want?  I encourage you to get laser focused on those outcomes and clearly identify the tasks that you need to accomplish in order to make those outcomes happen.  Set it up so that you’re working hard every day to do those critically important tasks in order to make those outcomes to come true.

The Fatal Trap That  Keeps You Stuck

The reality is, when many people get started they don’t know who to follow and who to trust so they follow EVERYONE and sign up for every free email list and free offer under the sun.

Maybe you can relate (I know I can because that’s what I did when I got started).   After signing up for all this free stuff you then get bombarded with 40, 50, 60 different e-mails a day, you listen to free tele-seminars, you read articles by this expert who said to do this, they read another expert who says that Google Adsense is the way to make millions.  They then read another expert that said tele-seminars is the way to build a list and make money online.  There is simply no shortage of experts and tactics to make money online.

You bounce from tactic to tactic to tactic and all the information completely contradicts itself.   So you are left confused, frustrated, and you have made no measureable progress on your internet business.

The Cure For Information  Overload And Confusion…

The key thing I want to convey to you in this article is the following prescription for success.  If you truly want to be successful online pick ONE EXPERT to follow.  Then follow that expert’s system to the LETTER and work your butt off to implement it and get it running exactly as that expert laid out.  Take daily consistent action until you have it up, running, and producing results.  DO NOT stray from their prescription – DO NOT try to mix and match teachings from different experts – just follow the plan that expert laid out for you.  These plans and recommendations are made for reasons that you may not fully understand so not following it exactly and trying to substitute “ingredients” will lead to pitfalls.

Here’s A Success Tip That Will Help You In Avoiding Distractions…

If you are signed up to a lot of different e-mail lists and newsletters and tip-of-the-days, you can either unsubscribe from ALL OF THEM except the one expert you want to follow OR implement the following trick.

If you’re using Microsoft Outlook or Gmail you can create a new folder in your inbox, and then you’re going to set up a New Folder called “Newsletters” and then create a New Rule that your e-mail client will run every time you receive New E-mails.

Basically the rule would be that any message that you get that has “unsubscribe” in the body of the message to get automatically going to get put into that newsletter folder because every single newsletter you subscribe to should have the word ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of the message .

So, you can create that rule in Microsoft Outlook or Gmail that automatically if you get any e-mail in your inbox, it takes that e-mail and puts it in that newsletters inbox.

Now you can go read the newsletters and marketing e-mails when you choose to.  This will help minimize information overload and avoid distractions.

When you’re ready, and you want to go check out a newsletter, you can.  But you’re not always going to be — they’re not always going to be in your inbox, you’re not always going to be looking at those.  And what you can do is one day a week, just devote a little bit of time to go through and maybe check out some of those newsletters.  And then, if you see a product that you like, and that might fit a need that you have, then you might consider getting it.

That one tip will be a step in the right direction on avoiding distractions and staying focused on your Big Goals. I encourage you to unsubscribe from some newsletters and also to set up that e-mail rule right now, and only buy products.  Soon you will find you are doing better on staying on task to building your internet business and implementing the plan you have in place.  Once you have nailed that plan and completely implemented you can repeat it or move onto a new plan and repeat the process.

To your success!

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